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Jun 15, 2021

Media Production Assistant


Hiring is our single most important act. It’s priority #1. We have an intensive process to make certain we excel in this vital practice. To succeed you will need to bring your best passion and dedication.


Dry Farm Wines is the world’s premier Natural Wine company. We curate the highest quality Natural Wines from small family growers around the world. Every wine meets a set of strict criteria, including organic farming practices, lower alcohol levels, no sugar, and delicious taste.

Our mission is to share these extraordinary Natural Wines with people around the world, helping people connect with authenticity and love. We work exclusively with small family farms who share our respect for Nature’s beauty, complexity, and diversity. At the heart of it all, we believe we must be the change we want to see in the world. We intentionally seek to become more conscious and extraordinary every day, both as individuals and as a collective Dry Farm Wines Family.

In our first few years, we were showered in abundance! Our Membership grew faster than we ever expected, making us one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. We’ve been doing everything possible to keep up while having a lot of FUN in the process! We get paid to enjoy and share wine ;-) 

To keep the wine flowing and to drive our voice further, we need more help.

That’s why we’re now looking for a creative, passionate, well-organized, and detail-oriented Media Production Assistant to join our team. You will wear many hats. This role will focus on working closely with our Creative/Media and Growth team to create, refine, expand, and bring to life the Dry Farm Wines brand expression across all print and digital touch points. You will get your hands dirty and create beautiful media through photography and videography. You’ll also edit and manage these files so the team can access them with ease. Most importantly, your work will directly impact our brand image as we expand to share abundance and love with more people around the world.


About this Role

You will work directly with Shawn, Kayla, Ramzy, Yannik, Buckley, Scott, and Rush. They are a passionate bunch, working in all things creative and media. They have a deep obsession for producing world class media. They now need a media assistant who can join them in inspired creative expansion.

You will help with the day to day tasks of executing our creative media, including organizing photo shoots, sourcing props, categorizing photos, and helping empower our team to create the best possible media. It is a wonderfully rewarding and challenging department of the business that is always reaching new creative heights.

We’re already the world’s largest buyer and seller of Natural Wines. We source wines from passionate growers in countries all around the world. It’s our mission to communicate that message of pure Natural Wines, as well as create eye-catching ads, emails, box inserts, educational pieces, and more. More specifically, here are some (but certainly not all) of the responsibilities for this position:

More specifically, here are some (but certainly not all) of the responsibilities for this position:


Equipment & Set Management Unload and set up the cameras, tripods, lights, and other equipment the photographer will use for the session. Prepare the set according to the CD or DP requests and/or needs, including placing props, and adjusting light sources. Break down the set/studio and organize equipment to be ready for the next shoot.

Prop Sourcing & Management For shoots that require props, the media assistant will gather, prep, and organize those props from the prop room or source additional props. They will also be required to return all props to the prop room in an organized fashion.

Assist During Photo Shoots During the photo session, the media assistant follows the CD’s or DP’s instructions. This can require adding or removing props from the set, or changing settings on the camera and lights. The assistant may also take some shots themselves.

Calendar & Scheduling The media assistant will also keep track of our shoot calendar and scheduling to deal with any conflicts. They will also assist in preparing and distributing shot lists, wardrobe requirements, and general talent communications leading up shoot dates.

Edit Photos Using image editing software, the media assistant corrects blemishes in photos, including cropping photos and adjusting contrast, tone, or lighting. They also remove unwanted objects in the scene, apply digital filters, make color enhancements, and improve overall image quality.

File Management & Photo Distributing Part of a media assistant’s job involves making sure all photos/videos are filed and backed up correctly as well as distributing edited photos to the DFW team through our online photo gallery service.

Photo Sourcing The media assistant will also source photos for anyone within the DFW organization. This may include sourcing for design or marketing projects, AMOT, partner needs, or social media.

...and more (ABCs … always be creating!)

Requirements to Apply

  • You must provide a portfolio of work
  • You must have at least 1 years real world experience in media/creative (preferably in production or photography)
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
    • Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Lightroom (Classic & Mobile), Acrobat

Attributes of the ideal candidate

When we think about the ideal person for this role, a few attributes come to mind.

Here are the main ones ⭐️:

  • Creative thinker
  • Great collaborator
  • Detail oriented
  • Effective time manager
  • Organized
  • Clear communicator 
  • Adaptable
  • Systems thinker
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Comfortable multi-tasking and tracking multiple projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge of creative processes
  • Focused & diligent 
  • Comfortable with an office work environment 
  • Obsessed with design, art, and taste!
  • Able to travel
  • Loves animals (especially dogs)
  • Calm under pressure
  • Health conscious
  • High energy
  • Loves wine!

Our Culture

Our Culture is guided by our Peace & Profit Manifesto. There are 9 Codes that form the foundation of this culture. To better understand us and the DFW Life, here are 2 of our 9 Codes: The Code of Creation and The Code of Co-Existence.

Our Code of Creation

We are all connected. At Dry Farm Wines, we believe in a connected source energy. We tap into this energy by thinking, creating, and vibrating at a higher frequency. We optimize this connection through higher consciousness, a path that includes meditation, mindfulness, gratefulness, and open practices together. We call our collective practices Conscious Abundance. For us, Abundance is grounded in love. We share it with everyone unconditionally and without judgement. Through it, we contribute to a better world and elevate the life experience for each other and everyone we touch.

We are a Family.

We do not call ourselves a team. We are a family. We dine together, cook together, and travel together. All of us - including spouses, partners, and +1s - are loved unconditionally. This love and support is our highest value. We radiate this love to each other and, collectively, we radiate the light of this love to the world around us. Like all healthy families, we also promote and value private time. We support time away to grow with our significant others and time to reflect and recharge for ourselves. We protect each other’s private time and encourage the quiet space needed to grow individually. We are fiercely protective of each other’s privacy.

We are Creators.

We are prolific Creators of love, value and service. To create at our highest level, we are obsessed with excellence in our Craft. We all share a deep commitment to both our individual areas of specialized craft (i.e. marketing, member experience, accounting) and to the contribution we make to the craft of our collective energies together, or what we call “The Merge” of collective craft. Mastering our craft requires focus and sharp execution. Supporting everyone else in the development of their craft requires respect and selfless support. As such, when we are individually creating, the environment is quiet, earbuds are often in, and our energy is channeled into the process of creation. If there are conversations, they're about creative output. Our creative energy is maximized when we are "in the zone". We take pride not only in being the BEST OF CLASS at what we do; we are focused on being the NEXT OF CLASS at our craft. We are creative leaders. We are category makers. We constantly create delight and surprise for our Members and everyone we touch.

We believe in Peace & Profit.

We seek to maximize our creative output while upholding collective peace. Our peace provides the freedom to create at our highest frequency. Our creative output is how we share more peace and harmony with our Community and our world. Our lives are a blend of these two values. Our Family life is an outrageously big celebration of life. We turn up the volume. Our Creation time is an intensely focused and finely-tuned machine of productivity, output, and abundant financial success. We always put Peace in front of Profit. For this reason, we don't have many meetings, don't send many group emails, don’t reply to all, no night or weekend emails, and highly respect each other's creative space and time.


Our Code of Co-Existence

We seek the highest harmony and frequencies of peace and profit. The Code of Co-Existence is a vital code of harmony. We have no vacation or time off policy, or company expense policy. We just expect everyone to be self directed in the highest calling of personal responsibility. Just act in the best interest of everyone else, us your brothers and sisters, yourself, and our Members. We believe rules are made for those who can not make good judgements on their own. We serve and create daily with people who know how to make high quality decisions that respect and enhance the people around them and the Family Business. We have a simple thought that guides us. Act in the best interest of the Family and the Family business. Self directed responsibility. Act with heart and love. We are also always available to provide guidance in judgement.

As you consider your opportunity with us, we hope these guiding thoughts help you determine if our Family is the right fit. You will know, and we will know. From there, we create magic.

DFW Culture Requirements

As you’ll quickly learn, we are VERY passionate about our culture. Finding someone with the right culture fit is just as critically important to us as the ideal attributes above.

Our culture is not negotiable. We love it too much. ❤️
If you are uncomfortable with anything we do, that’s okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But if you read this and jump with excitement, then let’s continue:

- We meditate and practice open gratitude as a team daily
- We often use words like “soulful”, “spiritual”, “love”, “abundance”, “grateful”, “truth”, and “universe”.
- We are all biohackers, working daily to improve our health and performance.
- We are all passionate about what we eat, and many follow a Ketogenic or Paleo diet. (not required)
- We are wildly passionate about wine, healthy living, and the TASTE of everything.
- We protect our mornings. Our office opens at 10am. We start with a 30-60 minute team meditation, gratefulness practice, group visualization, and family meeting looking at our day together. We then work passionately to delight our customers and improve their lives.
- We spend a lot of time together, eat a lot of our meals together, and are deeply committed to helping each other develop personally and professionally.
- We are authentic, understanding, reliable, and loving to our Members and to each other.
- We think big.
- We are willing to be vulnerable
- We celebrate unique individuality.
- We are not afraid to make mistakes
- We are proactive and are all able to take action without much direction
- We live with deep passion and transformational action.
- We are caring and non-judgmental
- We value diversity

Note: We are located in Napa, CA ☀️. If you don’t already live in Napa, with this role, you get to relocate here! It’s pretty incredible to live where other people vacation 😁. Because our impact and abundance relies strongly on the development of this unique culture, we know we can make the most transformational impact by being together.

Benefits of working with DFW

This is the best place to work in the world. If it wasn’t, the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

The benefits of joining this team are vast. Here are a few:

  • Unlimited pure Natural Wine. Need we say more?
  • Competitive compensation packages, above industry standard.
  • Fully paid health insurance, including vision and dental.
  • Fully paid gym membership at a facility of your choosing.
  • Huge opportunities to expand your responsibilities and position as the company continues to rapidly grow.
  • Frequent wine tastings of wines from around the world.
  • Many all expense paid meals and parties!
  • Travel and free attendance to events we sponsor.
  • Living in the most beautiful place in the world - Napa Valley. We live where the rest of the world dreams of going on vacation.
  • Company vacation days around major holidays, and a vacation and expense policy that just asks you to act in the best interest of yourself, your Family here, and the organization. We believe in taking care of ourselves. Only by caring for ourselves can we care for others.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to hang with the DFW Family on a daily basis. We are a lot of fun, and we push the boundaries of possibility daily in helping each other grow and in our service to others.
  • Every single person you will work with is an elite performer. Not just some, but all. Everyone here is a rockstar at what they do and has a deep dedication to being the best in their craft.



To help us both determine if we’re the right fit for each other, we created this list of questions.

Please send your answers to us in PDF format in an email to “join@dryfarmwines.com”. Each answer should only be a few sentences at most. No essays needed. Just short and concise.

Please include the Job Title in the subject line. Please also include your resume in your response.

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or the ongoing interview process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here are the questions.

  1. If you’re hired, what are 2 things you are good at that you can apply in your first three months without very much help or a large budget and would make the Dry Farm Wines media better?
  2. List all software you regularly use in your media management and video editing workflow. Which of these programs do you have a strong professional understanding of?
  3. From what you can see online, what are two low-hanging fruit strategies we should implement immediately to improve our branding and design?
  4. What are 3 recent media projects that you’re especially proud of? Include a link and an explanation for each for us to check them out.
  5. Admitting failure is tough, but failure is a significant learning experience for us. What is a significant failure you have experienced recently and what did you learn?
  6. What is one professional and one personal goal you hold for the next 1-3 years?
  7. Describe a change you’ve seen in yourself over the last 5 years that you love.
  8. What’s your relationship with health & wellness?
  9. Describe what the following words mean to you:
    1. Love
    2. Authenticity
    3. Trust
  10. What makes you unique or weird?
  11. What is a personal hobby you cherish?
  12. What’s your experience with wine (if any)?
  13. Are you willing to relocate to Napa? How do you envision your life in Napa?
  14. Anything else you’d like to touch on that we didn’t ask? The floor is yours...


Next Steps

Now that you’ve submitted the questionnaire and resume, here’s what to expect:

  1. Application Review. We’ll review your questionnaire and resume and follow up with you within a week.
  2. Meet & Greet Call. We’ll schedule a brief 15-min interview on Zoom. 
  3. Group Call. We’ll then schedule a 30 minute call with more people from the team. It’s a chance for us to get to know you better, and for you to better know us and our business. 
  4. Project Review. We will assign you a specific project that will help us understand your work product. It will be a project within your area of hire. Then we will schedule a 45 minute video interview to review the project.
  5. Social Hour. We’ll ship you a box of wine and schedule a social hour! It’s a more casual time to share a glass of wine and get to know each other better. If you have a significant other, we would love for them to join this call as well, at least for a few minutes. Because we’re all so close, we would love for your significant other to meet us too!
  6. Napa Visit (or Virtual Visit). If we’re all still a good fit for each other, we’ll bring you to Napa for an in-person working interview, or we’ll schedule a “virtual visit” if travel doesn’t work. This is a two day process. You’ll meet many of us and work closely with a group of us on a project that closely resembles what the day-to-day would be like. You will get an intimate close look at us, and how we live and work together to create magic. All expenses are hosted by us for both you and your significant other if they will be relocating with you. 
  7. Together, we will determine next steps.

We deeply appreciate you investing the time to learn about us and share your thoughts and life with us.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Todd, David, Juan, Tony, Luen, Mark, Ramzy, Gio, Buckley, Megan, Jon, Erika, Shawn, Devin, Cesar, Beno, Kayla, David, Mandy, Ximena, Jasiel, Omar, Kristian, Corey, Alex, Rae, Giovanni, Lindsay, Jimmy, Troy, Yannik, Barbara, Viviana, Aaron, Dalton, Scott, Alexis, Hugo, Malia, Jesus, Alejandro, Rosa, Lauryn, Brittannie, Jason, Victor, Erin, Arran, Jonatan, Rush, Alex, Bryan, Juan, Christian, Nyllan, Enrique, Amairany, Salomon, James, Lanny, Maria, Angela, Sarita, Teagan, Sarah, Erica, Jenny, Nemy, Hayden and Shelby