Fay d'Homme Gamay - Loire, France

The Winemaker
Winemaker Name: Vincent Caillé
Chateau: Le Fay d'Homme
Chateau Bio: Vincent started to work with his father in 1986 with 4 Ha and took over his dad’s parcels when he got retired in 1992. This leads to a 14 Ha domaine owned by both Vincent, his wife Sylvie and his two younger brothers who are participating from further in the continuity of the family story. He continued expanding the domaine by putting his hands on great parcels for sale, up to 38 Ha and then reduced it down to 26 by selling the least interesting ones.
Family History: Vincent is the 5th generation of winemakers.
The Wine
Wine Name: La Part du Colibri Gamay
Year Founded: 1992
Appellation: Loire Valley
Sub-Appellation: Region Ouest
Vintage: 2015
About The Farming
Grape/Blend: Gamay Noir
Annual Production for this wine: 6000 bottles
Average Vine Age: 40 years
Organic / Biodynamic: Certified organic. In Biodynamic certification process.
Please confirm these vines were dry farmed?
(Y/N): Y
Soil Composition: Gabbro
Size of Vineyard For This Wine: 
About The Production
SO2 Added (Y/N): Minimal
Native Yeast (Y/N): Y
Aging Protocol: Stainless Steel
Any Animal Products Used: No
Filtering (Y/N): Y
Fining (Y/N): Y
Carbonic Fermentation (whole, partial, none): Partial
Skin contact (white wines only): n/a
Other Additives or Adjustments: 
New Oak Used (%): No
Other interesting practices: 
Additional Comments: 
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