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High Alcohol, Bold Wines!

For the first time in Dry Farm Wines history, we’re SO proud to offer a hand-curated box of high alcohol, BOLD wines!!

These wines promise to elevate your health, happiness, and pleasure to a level beyond anything you've experienced with our wines before. If you appreciate the taste of world-class wine, the deep connections formed when sharing a bottle, and the elevated state that comes from drinking a few glasses, this is for you!

With this new assortment of high alcohol bold wines, you get incredible benefits without most of the usual side effects.

Read below to learn more about these wines!


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The Boldest, Highest Alcohol Wines

When you macro-dose with high alcohol wines, your experience is totally different and incredibly pleasurable! Here are a few of the benefits.

Encourages Mindfulness & Meditation

You'll get this powerful head buzz that totally clears your mind of unnecessary thoughts; it's impossible to think about anything when the front of your head is throbbing.

Supports Anti-Aging

Every time you macro-dose, it will feel as if you are Freshman in college attending your first dorm party again. Even with just one serving of macro-dosed wine, you'll immediately feel younger.

Cheers & Chill!

You'll find yourself feeling extremely relaxed. It's as if your ambition and excessive creative expression are thrown out the window and replaced by an urge to relax on the couch and a desire to intensely concentrate on small movements, like pressing a button on the tv remote.

Create Memorable Evenings

By sharing these high alcohol wines with friends and family, you'll create some of your happiest, goofiest, and most memorable moments that you won't remember the next morning.


100% Hangover Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll love the hangover from these wines we stand behind them with a 100% Hangover Guarantee.