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  • What if you could enjoy delicious, organically-farmed wine from Europe…

  • Stick to your diet…

  • AND wake up the next day feeling refreshed - without headaches or hangovers?

Health Leaders Who Love Our Wine

Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint

"The perfect paleo wine, I’m a believer."

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof

"Dry Farm Wines brings fanatical quantification to biohacking wine."

Abel James

"Rejoice, you can drink your wine and have your health too!"

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

"Super high quality and won't kick you out of ketosis."

Robb Wolf

"If you enjoy wine but are not jazzed about the negative side effects, these wines are for you."

JJ Virgin

"Take great care of your body and your palate with Dry Farm Wines!"

Katie, Wellness Mama

"I was amazed at the difference in the taste!"

Drew Manning

"Dry Farm Wines has done the impossible and now people can enjoy their wine and stay in ketosis."

Chris Kresser

"Great taste and, even better, feel great the next morning."

Introducing Wine That’s Sugar Free, Toxin-Free, Hangover-Free And Tastes AMAZING...

Too Good To Be True?

I thought so too…at first.

Hi, my name is Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines.

If you LOVE wine, but have been avoiding it because you’ve decided to reduce the amount of carbs and sugar you eat…

This could be the most exciting message you read all year.

You see when I decided to live a sugar-free, healthy lifestyle, I believed I had to give up wine.


After several months of depriving myself of my beloved evening glass (or two) of wine, a friend recommended I try what she called “Natural Wines”.

So I started doing some research.

What I discovered changed my life and has allowed more than 13,000 health-minded people to start enjoying wine again.

When I gave up sugar, I thought I had to give up wine...I was wrong

Great Wine Is Naturally Sugar-Free...

I learned when wine is made naturally (without chemicals or irrigation) and the grapes are allowed to fully ferment (the way nature intended)…

The native yeast from the skin of the grape eats all the sugar.

This is common practice for Natural Wines.


In commercial wines, sulfur dioxide ("sulfites") is often added to kill yeast and cut fermentation early, leaving residual sugar in the finished wine.

This is why we lab test all our wines to ensure every wine has less than 1g/L of sugar.

When you drink wine that is grown and made naturally...

Without chemicals, irrigation or GMO yeast (all of which are used in most domestic wine production)...

You can enjoy the wine you love and never worry about your waistline.

But wait, it gets better.

Because you can also…

Enjoy Delicious Wine without Headaches or Hangovers

We’ve all woken up after an enjoyable night with friends and wine feeling groggy, headachy or hungover.

And because it’s so common to feel bad after drinking wine, it’s easy to believe ALL wine leaves you with these nasty side effects.

Until you discover the problem is NOT the WINE…

It’s actually all the junk that gets ADDED to our wine that makes us regret our previous night’s festivities.

Some Disturbing Facts About Commercial Wine

I was shocked to discover 52% of all wine sold in the US are made by just 3 huge corporations.

They may hide behind hundreds of boutique labels, but their wine is manufactured in huge factories.

And when big corporations get involved in any industry - they are motivated by one thing: PROFIT

Which is why most of the wines you’re buying in stores are:

  • Sprayed with chemicals like Roundup

  • Grown with irrigation water (traditional grapes are NEVER irrigated.)

  • And artificially fermented with genetically-modified commercial yeast.(They add GMO yeast to kill the natural yeast early and speed up the production process)

Some studies have show that up to 100% of organic wines produced in the US test positive for pesticides and/or herbicides such as glyphosate.

Sadly even organic American wine does not pass our strict lab testing standards.

The reason is simple: the modern wine industrial complex is just too big.

So even when grapes are planted organically, they can be contaminated from soil runoff, rain, and wind from neighboring vineyards.

Unfortunately, the large size of the industrial winemakers in the US touches every corner of the wine market and makes it very difficult to find truly organic wine.

Which is why we source all our wines internationally from natural wine regions in order to avoid pesticide exposure commonly found here in the states.

Do You Know What's In Your Wine?

When we buy food, the manufacturer is required by the FDA (Food and Drug Administratio) to list all the ingredients.

However, because wine is regulated by Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the "TTB"), and not the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

And the wine industry has spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying politicians to keep content labels off wine bottles.

As a result...

Wine manufacturers are NOT required to list ingredients on their labels.

Which means a bottle of wine (even expensive, highly rated wines) can contain up to 76 “allowed” additives, like:

  • Mega Purple coloring dye…

  • Fish bladders (which are used to filter the juice)…

  • And high-fructose corn syrup…

These wines also have more sulfites and higher sugar and alcohol levels.

So unless you have every bottle tested by a lab - you literally don’t know what you’re drinking.

That's Why We Decided to Travel the World to Find and Support Natural Winemakers.

These are growers who are:

  • Passionate about wine...

  • Rebel against commercial practices...

  • Nourish their land...

  • And Farm organically and sustainably...

Unlike today's commercialized and processed wines, these growers make...

Wine The way nature intended - nothing added, nothing removed

Once you’ve tasted high-quality natural wine, you’ll never go back.

And because we're fanatical about our health and yours…

We lab test every wine to ensure they meet our strict standards of purity.

That means all our wines are quantifiably clean, free of mold and toxins, sugar-free and carb-free.

Remember - When you’re drinking REAL wine without the added chemicals, sugar, and coloring, you don’t suffer the same next-day side effects.

And that’s why our wines and friendly to every diet, including Paleo, Low-Carb, and Ketogenic.

Now let me tell you about...

The Surprising Benefits of Low Alcohol Wine...

All our wines are lab-tested to make sure they have 12.5% alcohol content or lower.

Why low alcohol?

Let's be perfectly clear: Alcohol is toxic.

So are water and oxygen - in the wrong dose.

Dosage matters.

That being said, most of us drink alcohol.

It's part of our environment and culture.

Not only is it highly pleasurable…

But also there are some real benefits to drinking alcohol in the right dose, including:

  • A sense of euphoria. It lifts our spirit and makes us feel good!

  • An expansion of our creative development and expression. It lowers our inhibition and helps clear our mind of the trauma of thinking, giving our true creative potential the space to flourish.

  • An enhancement of the culinary experience. Our wines pair especially well with food. The low-alcohol dosage allows the food to express itself as the wine rounds out the flavor. Also, sharing a glass of wine with a meal is a joyous, social event!

  • A deeper sense of connection. It encourages us to be vulnerable, and this vulnerability creates deeper bonds with the people we love.

Like we said, though, dosage matters.

If you drink too much, the negatives outweigh the positives.

It’s well-documented that large quantities of alcohol adversely affect your brain development and bodily functions.

And we all know how bad those headaches and hangovers feel after a few too many drinks!

This is why it's important to start with lower alcohol.

Low alcohol wines allow you to enjoy the benefits and taste of wine throughout the evening without experiencing the negatives.

At Dry Farm Wines, we drink a few glasses every night and we're all in the gym early in the morning!

We cherish this balance of indulgence and hard work!

Did I Mention Our Wines Are DELICIOUS...

Just in case you’re wondering - in addition to being natural, sugar-free, toxin-free…

Our wines taste amazing!

We taste every wine to make sure it meets our high standards for being not only natural, but delicious as well.

In fact we guarantee it!

Here's How You Can Get Our Natural Wines Delivered To Your Door 100% Risk-Free...

We make our wines available exclusively to members of our Friends Of the Farm Wine Club.

Introducing the Friends of the Farm Wine Club - How It Works...

Joining the club and enjoying our healthy, clean, delicious wine is simple:

  • Choose red, white, or a mix of both

  • Choose if you want 6 or 12 bottles

  • And decide if you want your wine delivered monthly or every other month.

We then ship you an assortment of world-class, lab-tested natural wines from all around the world.

When it arrives at your door, pop open a bottle, pour a glass, and experience a cleaner, healthier, and more delicious drinking experience.

Why a Wine Club? Why not sell your wines through retail stores?

Finding dry-farmed, additive-free wine is tough.

We spend months traveling the world and meeting with natural wine growers to source the best possible wine for our members.

Most winemakers that craft this type of wine are artisanal and don't make a lot of it per year, so these bottles are rare in retail stores or restaurants in this country.

Not to mention that when we love a wine and it passes our health standards, we buy it all!

We want to make sure that we have enough to share this awesome abundance directly with our customers!

All this ensures that you can receive the wines at the best price and enjoy the best possible experience drinking them.

We're grateful for the privilege to share these wines with you and we'd never want a middleman to get in the way!

We Believe Drinking Our Wine Should Be Fun, Worry Free, Stress Free and Risk Free…

Which is why when you join the Friends of the Farm Wine Club you’re covered by our 100% Happiness Guarantee:

Join the club and try your first bottle of our special wine.

We know you’re going to be thrilled. Just like every one of our other 13,000 happy members.

However, if for any reason you’re not happy - we’ll replace or refund any bottles you don’t like, no hassles, no drama, no questions asked.

We do this because we’re so confident in the quality of these wines, we know you will love them.

You can cancel or change your subscription any time with no hassles.

We have caring, dedicated team members ready to help you out with any questions or changes you want to make.

If you love wine and have given up on drinking it, or would love to try a healthier, natural delicious wine…

Go ahead and take a moment to join us and experience for yourself what real, clean natural wine was meant to taste like.


From all of us in the Dry Farm Wines family, we love you, we are grateful for you, and we are excited to stand by you on this journey into the wonderful world of healthy, delicious natural Wines.

Todd White

Founder of Dry Farm Wines

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I order a one-time purchase?

We do offer one-time orders after you make an account.

Our membership gives you access to limited, natural wines from all around the world at our Member Price with an active membership.

If you cancel, you can place one-time orders at a small premium.

We give you full control over your membership through your Account Manager.

In your account settings, you can space out shipments, change your next order date, and even change between reds and whites based on the seasons.

How does shipping work?

Once you place your order, we’ll take 1 - 2 business days to hand pack it. Then, we’ll send you a tracking email when your wines leave our warehouse.

After we ship your wines, they take 2 - 3 business days to arrive on the West Coast, and 5 - 7 to arrive on the East Coast.

Since we are shipping alcohol, a signature is required upon delivery.

If you are not home during the day, we can ship to a local UPS store or work address. The wines will automatically be signed for so you can pick them up at your leisure.

If you have any shipping questions at all, just email us and we'll take care of you!