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The 7 Attributes of Lab-Tested Natural Wine

You want to be healthy and you want to drink wine.

Good news - this is possible! You just need to find wines that meet these 7 criteria.

Below are the seven attributes of the world's healthiest wines. #6 is probably the most important and the most underrated.

When a wine meets all of these characteristics, it not only tastes amazing, it leaves you feeling incredible.

1) Organic or Biodynamic Farming

Healthy wine starts with healthy soil. Organic and biodynamic farming cultivate a healthy soil.

Soil is teeming with life. A handful of soil has more bacteria in it than there are humans on the planet. These microorganisms and the grape vines have a very important symbiotic relationship.

Just like humans need all the bacteria that live in, on, and around us to support our basic necessities (like breaking down food), so do plants. Plants can't directly absorb all the nutrients they need. They rely on bacteria to break down nutrients into forms that can be consumed by the roots.

Therefore, healthy vines require a healthy "living" soil, rich in nutrients and full of beneficial microorganisms.

Chemical sprays (like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers), monoculture, and modern industrial farming practices kill much of this life in the soil.

Just as animals are often given antibiotics to speed their growth and allow them to withstand the filthy and stressful conditions they're put in, so too with grapes. The vines are sprayed with chemicals to kill everything around them. Both of these practices for animals and grapes are shortsighted. They leave the animals and the vines weaker and less nutritious.

Sadly, the amount of pesticides sprayed on vines has grown 26-fold in the last 50 years. Grapes now have among the highest doses of synthetic pesticides of any crop.

Fortunately, organic and biodynamic farmers support the life in their farms, including the life in the soil. They use compost, compost teas, green manure, and cover crops to fertilize instead of synthetic fertilizers. They use mechanical weeding rather than herbicides. They have grazing chickens and livestock to replace insecticides.

Organic farms produce crops exactly as nature intended. Those are the grapes you want in your wine.

2) Dry-Farming

You want to drink wines from vineyards that were dry-farmed rather than irrigated. With dry-farming, vines get their water from natural rainfall rather than being dripped water from above the surface.

Irrigation practices are relatively new. They were only introduced in the 1960's. It was started because it results in higher yields (aka, more profits) and more sugar in the fruit (which meets the American palate's preference for sweetness).

Unfortunately, drip irrigation also encourages roots to stay near the surface because that's where their water is. Their roots usually only grow a few feet deep. Dry-farming, on the other hand, requires the roots to dig deeper to search for its water, often up to 30 feet underground. Deeper roots interact with more microorganisms in the soil. They have access to more nutrients. They support healthier vines and, in turn, create richer, more complex wines.

Because dry-farming produces lower crop yields, it's not a common practice in the US. About 95% of land is irrigated. Meanwhile, in some regions of Europe, it's actually illegal to irrigate.

When buying wine, seek out vineyards that dry-farm.

3) No Additives

Wine is actually quite simple. It's fermented grapes. That's it. Grapes that come from a healthy vineyard already have everything they need to become wine.

But the reality for today's wine is much different. There's a lot of intervention during the winemaking process.

In their quest to produce wine faster, in larger quantities, with more consistency, and at a lower cost, the wine industry has altered the composition of wine to the point where it's production looks more like a witches cauldron than the simple process of grape fermentation, and the final product is more drinkable chemistry experiment than natural juice.

Additives are used to change flavors, add coloring, increase sweetness, and a whole lot more. The FDA approves 76 different additives for use in winemaking. Here are some of those additives you're drinking in wine:

  • Sugars
  • Sulfites
  • Grape juice concentrate
  • Tartaric acid
  • Oak “essence” (actual oak barrels are expensive)
  • Colorings like Mega Purple and Ultra Red
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Commercial yeast
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Albumen (egg white)
  • Ammonium phosphate
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Defoaming agents (polyoxyethylene 40 monostearate, silicon dioxide, dimethylpoly-siloxane, sorbitan monostearate, glyceryl mono-oleate and glyceryl dioleate)... mmm, those are all yummy-sounding things, right?
  • Gelatin
  • Granular cork
  • Milk products (pasteurized whole, skim, or half-and-half)
  • Oak chips or particles
  • Soy flour
  • ... and a whole lot more!

38 of those 76 additives are only considered GRAS, or Generally Regarded As Safe. Sounds great, right? You're drinking a bunch of chemicals that the FDA looked at and decided, "eh, this is probably safe. We don't have much data to know for sure, but it seems like it'll be fine..."

That's not what we want to drink.

Natural wines, on the other hand, have nothing added and nothing removed.

4) Low Alcohol

Let's be perfectly clear: Alcohol is toxic. So are water and oxygen in the wrong dose. Dosage matters.

That being said, most of us drink alcohol. It's part of our environment and culture. Not only is it highly pleasurable, but there are also some real benefits to drinking alcohol in the right dose.

Those include...

  • A sense of euphoria. It lifts our spirit and makes us feel good!
  • An expansion of our creative development and expression. It lowers our inhibition and helps clear our mind of the trauma of thinking, giving our true creative potential the space to flourish.
  • An enhancement of the culinary experience. Low alcohol wines pair especially well with food. The food expresses itself as the wine elegantly rounds out the flavor.
  • A deeper sense of connection. It encourages us to be vulnerable, and this vulnerability creates deeper bonds with the people we love.

Like we said, though, dosage matters. If you drink too much, the negatives outweigh the positives. It’s well-documented that large quantities of alcohol adversely affect your brain development and bodily functions. And we all know how bad those headaches and hangovers feel after a few too many drinks!

This is why it's important to start with lower alcohol. Low alcohol wines allow you to enjoy the benefits and taste of wine throughout the evening without experiencing the negatives.

5) Sugar-Free

If you're reading this, you already know how terrible sugar is for your health. We call it Public Enemy #1.

Sadly, most wines are high in sugar, especially in the US. If you want to be healthy, you need to avoid this hidden sugar in wine.

When natural wines are allowed to fully ferment, all the naturally-occurring sugars are converted to alcohol. With no residual sugar remaining in the wine and no additives thrown in to sweeten it, a wine is sugar-free.

However, since wine has no nutrition label, you don't really know how much sugar is in any given wine.

That's why, to guarantee the wines we drink are truly sugar-free, we lab test every bottle.

6) Lab Tested

Wine has no ingredients label and no nutrition label. The only thing required to be printed on a wine label is the alcohol percentage and that's not even required to be accurate! By law, the actual alcohol % in a bottle of wine can be 1.5% greater than or less than what's stated on the bottle.

We believe in transparency. Just like we all demand transparency in our food, so too do we demand transparency in our wine.

Since we're the ones putting the wine in our mouth, shouldn't we know exactly what's in it?!

That's why we lab test all our wines. We want to guarantee that they meet our strict standard of health.

7) Enjoyed With People You Love

This is a bit different than the six attributes listed so far, but just as important.

Connecting deeply with the people you love has incredibly positive effects on health, performance, and longevity. Research overwhelmingly backs this up.

Of course, you don't need wine to engage in deep conversations or to form strong social relationships, just like you don't need a campfire to get a bunch of people sitting together in a circle.

But both can help.

When you pour yourself a glass, raise it high in the air, and toast your closest friends and family, you bring love into the world.

We believe the expression of love is the most powerful force to change the world. Wine, this exquisite drink that can open our soul and elevate our spirit, encourages the authenticity in which love prospers.

So when you want to drink in the healthiest way, let good company, good wine, and good conversation blend together in the perfect proportion. Those are the nutrients that feed our life's most meaningful moments.


When you find wines made in this natural way, without any manipulation of the land, vines, grapes, or juice, you remove the negative side effects typically associated with drinking wine.

Finding wines that meet all these criteria is not easy, but that's the journey we're on at Dry Farm Wines.

All the wines we curate at Dry Farm Wines are sugar-free, low sulfite, low alcohol, and produced by winemakers that follow natural, organic practices. There are only about 500 winemakers in the world who follow these practices, and none that we've found so far in the US. All our wines currently are imported from other countries around the world.

Because we're fanatical about our health (and yours), we lab test all our wines to ensure they meet our strict standards of purity. That means these wines are incredibly clean, free of negative side effects, and friendly to every diet, including Paleo, Low-Carb, and Ketogenic.

With Dry Farm Wines, you can finally enjoy the evening without sacrificing the morning.

Get started today, risk-free. Since we love these wines and we're confident you will too, all our shipments are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.