Welcome to the World of Rare Natural Wines.

Less than 1% of the world’s wines
 meet our standards.
Here’s Why.

Pure Natural Wine is rare. We estimate less than 1% of the world’s wines meet our strict criteria.

This is because most wine is a factory made product that can be farmed with chemicals, made with additives, and higher in alcohol and sugar. Our wines are completely different. We vet each wine to make sure they meet the following criteria.
What Makes Our Wine So Rare?

✓ Sugar Free

✓ Organically Farmed

✓ Lab Tested

✓ No Toxic Additives

✓ Lower Alcohol

✓ Rarest Wine on the Planet

How Do We Find the World's Rarest Natural Wines?
Step 1:

We start with real, organic family farms

100% of our wines are grown organically with love on a small family farm. No pesticides, herbicides, or any other “-cides” are used. Only nutrient rich soils and lots of sun.
Step 2:

We only partner with growers who don’t irrigate their vines.

“Dry farming” - it’s our name! This means none of our growers use water irrigation. In fact, our growers save millions of gallons of water each year, and dry farming produces antioxidant-rich grapes. As the vines search for their own water source under the earth, they soak up more nutrients along the way.
Step 3:

We run through every step of the grower’s winemaking process.

The FDA allows 76 additives in winemaking (like dimethyl dicarbonate), but our wines don’t have any artificial enhancements. We visit our growers, meet them in person, tour their winery, and walk through their vineyards - all to make sure the wines are naturally grown and crafted. No intense human manipulation, heavy machinery, or other conventional methods.
Step 4:

Our 10 person panel tastes each wine.

Every wine is tasted and tested by our tasting panel, making sure every sip is pure, fresh, and delicious. Taste is one of the most important elements of the wine experience; if it’s not delicious, it’s not good wine!
Step 5:

We run a nutritional analysis to make sure there’s no sugar.

Conventional wines can have a lot of sugar in them (even if they’re not sweet). Before we share any wine, we send it to a lab to test for sugar. Because we test, we know that every bottle you drink is sugar free, so you can enjoy without sacrificing your goals or lifestyle.
Step 6:

Then, we run an analysis for alcohol & sulfites.

Alcohol levels in the most popular conventional wines average around 14%. We make sure every wine is 12.5% alcohol or less. We think this creates a better drinking experience. We also test for sulfites, which are often added in excess in conventional wines. We want to make sure each wine has the lowest possible amount of sulfites.
Step 7:

We taste each wine AGAIN.

Taste is important! We want every wine to taste beautiful and delicious, so we taste each bottle twice. At a wine’s final stage, we taste it again to make sure it tastes as good as before. 
Store bought wines and most wines in restaurants only meet one or two steps (if they meet any).
That’s why we started Dry Farm Wines with a mission to find the rarest delicious wines on Earth.


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