Here are 5 facts you should know about modern wine:

1. Consolidation

Over the last 40 years, the wine industry has undergone massive corporate consolidation. Nearly 60% of US-made wines are produced by just 3 companies.¹ And nearly 90% of all US-made wine is produced by just the top 25 wine companies.²

2. Chemical Farming

Only 5% of all vineyards in the world are organically farmed³. Grapes have been shown to contain significant levels of pesticides. In an annual ranking of produce with the highest levels of pesticides called the “Dirty Dozen,” grapes were the 8th highest.⁴

3. No Labeling

Unlike other US food and beverages, wine bottles do not require a nutrition label or an ingredients label. This is because wine content is actually regulated by the Treasury Department, not by a food agency. ⁵,⁶

4. Additives

There are 76 additives approved for US wine making. While many are safe, others can be toxic. Because they are not required to be listed on the label, consumers are not aware of what’s in their wine.⁷

5. Health Hazards

12 of these additives are classified as “health hazards'' by the National Institutes of Health. 2 of them are considered “acute toxins.” 4 of them are derived from 6 different animal organs. 8 of them are derived from various molds, including the mycotoxic Ochratoxin A.


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