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Why We Did This

As Mindful Hedonists, We Are Deeply Passionate About Life’s Pleasures And Curious With The Biological And Neurological Effects Of Our Pleasures.

We Love To Eat & Drink With Our Friends

We have a fanatical obsession with great food, wine and the extraordinary joy in the celebration of taste and discovery with friends.

In our quest for mind/body health optimization, we discovered a desire and need to consume less alcohol. We found with aging, our bodies were not processing alcohol as well or as efficiently.

The challenge for us: we love experiencing great wines and we did not want to drink less or less often. We wanted to drink smarter, enhancing the pleasures of drinking wine and eliminating it’s remnants.

Based on our nutritional knowledge and experience, we also suspected that high sugars, high sugar by-products and modern wine-making chemical additives were contributing to how we were feeling, including the brain fog we were experiencing the morning after.

We were otherwise super clean in our nutritional programing and sugar free. Wine was the only thing we were consuming that we had no idea what was really in it and critically, how much sugar it contained. As you are aware, there is no nutritional labeling on wine

We Care About Our Body | Mind Experience

We were already hyperconnected to nutritional programming and the food we consumed. We decided we wanted to know more about the wines we were drinking; who made it, how it was made, what was in it, poured or sprayed on it. There was no trusted wine authority to help us.

What we discovered about natural and organic wines, that were made using with no additives and in ancient methods, changed our life in a profound way…and most importantly, we discovered the amazing benefits of micro-dosing alcohol.

Not only did we discover that these natural and organic wines, that have naturally occurring lower alcohol, low/no sugars/carbs, low/no sulfites made us feel better, but we discovered something even more important. How a wine was farmed and crafted also greatly impacted how we felt and enjoyed wine, during and following drinking. Not only was the brain fog gone the next morning, but also while drinking, we felt a more creative and sensory explosion. Lighter and more alive, just like the wines. Drinking wine was simply more fun and creatively expressive. The wines were just friendlier and we discovered a whole new profile of taste in wines that we really loved. It changed our life and we feel compelled to share that knowledge and experience.

In fact, there is science around how we feel. Here is a Discover Magazine article about the sensory elevation and brain activity measured from low alcohol wine. Read the Discover Magazine Article Here

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