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Snowstorms are a fact of life on the East Coast. We’d know - half of our team is from there! Mark lived in Chicago, Luen in Vermont, Ramzy in Boston, and Rosetta in the Cape.

The best way to warm up and treat yourself after shoveling snow all week and suffering blistering winds is with an assortment of our finest dark red wines.

We’ve curated a rockstar selection of our deepest, fullest-bodied reds to keep you cozy and satisfy your palate. It’s the perfect partner for a night inside near the fireplace.

This is one of the most diverse selections we’ve ever offered, with wines from France, Austria, Italy, and Croatia.

All the wines are fine, artisan products from family farms in Europe that follow strict biodynamic and/or organic practices. And they all meet our health criteria perfectly - sugar-free, low alcohol, and low sulfite.

Read about the wines below and then place your order before we’re out!


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The Wines

2014 Domaine Guion Bourgueil

Winemaker: Stéphan Guion

About: This Bourgueil is born from 40 year-old vines grown organically in clay/limestone soils. Beautiful dark red color, lovely deep currant and blackberry aromas with violets, pepper, and leafy notes. The palate is round and supple with berry fruit framed in firm chalky acids. Terrific length - this is just a superb young Bourgueil!

Labs: 0.2 g/L sugar, 46 ppm total SO2, 12.5% alcohol

2015 Beck Ink

Winemaker: Judith Beck

About: Judith Beck is one of the most revered natural winemakers in Austria. Dedicated to biodynamic practices, Beck crafts fine wines that are elegant, powerful, complex, and age very well. This Beck Ink is no different. A genius blend of local Austrian grapes Zweigelt and St Laurent, Ink draws you in with its deep purple color, its complex palate, and it’s incredible freshness. It’s fermented in stainless steel tanks for a clean finish.

Labs: 0.3 g/L sugar, 36 ppm total SO2, 12.3% alcohol

2015 Poderi Cellario Dolcetto

Winemaker: Fausto and Cinzia Cellario

About: Grown in the hills of the Langhe region, this Dolcetto is a classic representation of beautiful Italian terroir. It may be young, but it packs a big punch with an intense ruby red color and well-centered, deep nose. The palate follows with red and purple fruits like cherry and plum and made delicate by traces of almonds.

Labs: 0.5 g/L sugar, 67 ppm total SO2, 12.2% alcohol

2015 Kosovec Zweigelt

Winemaker: Ivan Kosovec

About: Zweigelt is a grape developed by Austrian Fritz Zweigelt by crossing the Blaüfrankisch and St. Laurent varietals. Versatile and easy to drink, it marries fresh acidity with its deeper tannins. It’s beautiful purple-red color will catch your eye. Add a little exotic spice and floral characteristics (think cinnamon and violets), this Zweigelt goes with a variety of foods, especially with fatty cuts of meat.

Labs: 0.5 g/L sugar, 41 ppm total SO2, 12.1% alcohol

Wines for Winter

Beautiful, elegant, natural, organic, sugar-free, low alcohol, low sulfite, hangover-free. The perfect wines for cold, snowy days.

Curated By Taste Experts

Our panel of wine experts taste-test every wine multiple times to be sure that we curate only the highest-quality wine from every corner of the world.

Natural, Artisanal, & Deliciously Clean

Every wine is curated from small, organic family farms. Unlike today's commercialized and processed wines, these are real wines. Nothing added, nothing removed.

Lab Tested For Purity

Because we're fanatical about our health and yours, we lab test every wine to ensure they meet our strict standards of purity. That means these wines are quantifiably clean, free of negative side effects, and friendly to every diet, including Paleo, Low-Carb, and Ketogenic.

Endorsed By Leading Health Experts

The perfect Paleo wine. I'm a believer!
Mark Sisson
Dry Farm Wines brings fanatical quantification to biohacking wine.
Dave Asprey
I woke up with a clear head! That was enough for me to be a believer.
Camille, Paleo Kitchen
Impressed with Dry Farms Keto wine. Super high quality and won't kick you out of ketosis. Red wine typically gives me a slight headache and this does not. Will make 100-200 ml/day a staple in my keto diet!
Dominic D'Agostino
Rejoice! You can drink your wine and have your health too!
Abel James
If you enjoy wine but are not jazzed about the negative side effects, these wines are for you.
Robb Wolf
These are fabulous wines for all you low-carb loving wine lovers!
Jimmy Moore
Amazed at the difference in taste! I’ve always hated the strange aftertaste/mouthfeel from a lot of wines and yours are so smooth! I am definitely going to be a long-term customer!
Katie, Wellness Mama

Enjoyed by Thousands of Health-Conscious Wine Lovers

I feel amazing this morning even though I indulged in wine last night... Thank you Dry Farm Wines! I'm amazed that I can enjoy a good organic wine that allows me to stick to my diet (no sugar/carbs) and also not wake up with a hangover.
- Angela, Tampa
So excited to have a wine option that I feel good about. These organic wines are all clean and pure, no sugar, low sulfites, no additives, and lower alcohol level. Sometimes I just want a nice glass of wine to enjoy without the ill effects.
- Gina, Chicago
I can finally drink wine again! For the first time in over 30 days, I had a glass of wine. I'm now only drinking Dry Farm Wines. They're amazing. The quality, the taste, it's wonderful.
- Kristin, Los Angeles
The wine is exceptional and lives up to all of your claims- no hangovers or "dead" head feelings the next day. Keep up the good work!
- Wayne, Oakland
Wow. I just opened my first bottle and am thrilled. I paired it with my homemade organic chicken sausage and veggie soup and my head is exploding with happiness. It's a totally new experience to enjoy wine so clean and beautiful. I am one of those who was swearing off wine because of the backlash and will know tomorrow but I have to say how excited I am about being a part of your clean revolution. Big hugs.
- Amy, Oakland
Your wine was very smooth and light, easy to drink. I've been trying to commit to a primal/paleo lifestyle for a long time. Although I love it and feel so much better, I sure also love tacos! "No sugar" led me to your wine, anything that Mark Sisson recommends is worth a look. GLAD I FOUND YOU!
- Stacy, Saint Charles
So nice to enjoy wine and not feel guilty or worry about what is in it! I'm a Paleo, plexus using, health nut nurse. I have been sharing all over Facebook to let others know!
- Natalie, Indianapolis


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