The Cavallari Collection

Pure Natural Wines Curated by Kristin Cavallari

'Dry Farm Wines cares about where the grapes come from, how they were farmed, and the quality of the soil. I’m such a fan and believer in what Dry Farm Wines stands for and I’m honored to be part of this family.'

The Cavallari Collection

$ 96.00

3 organically grown pure Natural Reds, chosen with love by Kristin Cavallari

Meet the Wines

The 'Flirty Red'

2019 Aphros Vinhão

This is the bottle split between you and your beau before (or after) a romantic evening out. This is the feel good wine that puts you in the mood for deep conversations and playful dance moves in the kitchen.

The 'Picnic With Friends'

2019 Ferdinando Principiano Dosset

We love a good picnic, especially as the leaves start to change color and the temperature cools. This red is perfect on a sunny, late afternoon paired with delicious food and the sound of laughter among friends.

The 'Self Love Sipper'

2020 Hautes Nöelles Vin de Soif

This is the wine you pour while wearing your softest loungewear, preparing for an evening to yourself. The wine goes down easy and smooth as you read a book in the tub, do a home spa treatment or get lost in your latest creative project.

Members Say...

“BEST WINE EVER! Incredibly happy to finally find a wine I can drink without feeling awful afterwards!”

~ Dolores • Texas

“Truly lives up to the description. I'm so happy to taste clean, crisp, dry wines with no disliked aftertaste.”

~ JaneAnne • New York

“Really appreciate your service and having a product I can undoubtedly trust.”

~ Kelly • California

“These are the best wines.. I have severe stomach issues and these are the only wines that don’t irritate me.. Thank you so much.”

~ Kyle • Missouri

“Don't be concerned about ordering from Dry Farms, their wines are outstanding!! I've been a long time customer with not one complaint!”

~ Katie • Nevada

“I adore Dry Farms Wines and will never be without! I can drink wine again without the terrible side effects and still remain on my low carb lifestyle.”

~ Shur Lee • New York

A Return to Real, Honest Wine

The story of our pure Natural Wines begins with a healthy farm and ends with a vibrant sip. From biodiverse vineyards to antioxidant rich grapes, our pure Natural Wines express a completely unique wine experience.

It’s hard to tell, but most wines sold today are mass produced products. They can include high levels of sugar, alcohol, and 76 FDA-approved additives. 

Pure Natural Wine is rare. We estimate less than 0.01% of the world’s wines meet our strict criteria.