Easter Basket - Dry Farm Wines

Celebrate Easter with a handpicked basket of 6 artisanal organic wines!


Serve and enjoy the healthiest wine on the planet at your family gatherings, barbecues, and festivities.

We’ve specially selected these crisp and fresh wines for the joyous occasion of ringing in the Spring Season. You’ll taste all three colors in our collection: 2 rosé, 2 white, and 2 red.

Rosés bring to mind new flowers and blue skies; whites remind us of the pool parties and warm sun of the upcoming summer; and, reds are a rich souvenir of the crisper winter months passing us by.

All of these wines fit our stringent health standards: no sugar, no carbs, low sulfites, and no industrial chemicals. Just handcrafted art from thoughtful, committed wine growers.



The Wines

2015 Delecheneau Tournage Riant

Winemaker: Coralie et Damien Delecheneau

About: A bright & elegant showcase of the Loire Valley, this rosé is crafted from a blend of three grapes: Malbec, Gamay, and Grolleau. Its intense aromatics and long finish make it a perfect wine to pair with food or sip by itself.

Labs: 12.5% alcohol, 0.9 g/L sugar, 40 ppm sulfur

2015 Jean-Maurice Raffault Chinon

Winemaker: Jean Maurice Raffault

About: Without using any pumping or pressing machinery, Raffault handcrafts this precise rosé to showcase the beauty of the Chinon terroir. As a 100% Cabernet Franc, the wine presents slight earthy notes and a crisp palate with pleasantly bright acid.

Labs: 12.5% alcohol, 0.7 g/L sugar, 75 ppm sulfur

2015 Domaine Bassac Cepage

Winemaker: Delhon Francois and Leca Jean-Philippe

About: Farmed organically in the Languedoc region, this Sauvignon Blanc shines with a beautiful color and balanced palate. The acid is perfect, the aromatics are light, and the finish is crisp.

Labs: 12.2% alcohol, 0.2 g/L sugar, 50 ppm sulfur

2015 Migliavacca Vino Rosso

Winemaker: Francesco Brezza

About: Crafted from the oldest biodynamic winery in Italy, this Vino Rosso gives us a unique blend of local Italian grapes: Barbera, Grignolino, and Freisa. Its character is stellar, boasting youthful cherry fruit and great structure without overbearing tannins.

Labs: 12.5% alcohol, 0.9 g/L sugar, 5 ppm sulfur

‘Tis the Season

We’ve curated these wines especially for the Spring Season! The sun is coming out, the skies are clearing up, and the air is filled with a breeze and the scent of budding flowers.

The palates of these wines match perfectly. They’re fresh, pure, and vibrant, so they taste like Spring with amazing color and balanced texture.

Food Pairing

These wines pair perfectly with the culinary fare of Spring: BBQs, light salads, and fresh ingredients.

Refreshing Apéritif

Any of these wines can be sipped as an apéro (as the French call it) before or after a meal to lighten the mood and bring out the smiles. :-)

Community Happiness

We’ve picked these wines to be very drinkable crowd pleasers - they’ll encourage conversation and good vibes!

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