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Flight of Austria

A Curation of Our Best Austrian Natural Wine

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Our wines are organic small batch productions, so they run out fast. We'll have another seasonal offering soon. In the meantime, order our Natural Wines here.

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The Beauty of Austria

Austria is one of the most diverse winemaking countries in the world.

The nature is bountiful and distinct. In the north, grapes grow in the fertile soil of cool mountains and running rivers. In the south, vineyards are scattered across hot, flat land.

Austrian terroir is home to many local grape varietals; the most famous and common is the white grape, Grüner Veltliner. Also native to the region are the red grapes Zweigelt, Blaüfrankisch, and St. Laurent.

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2016 Preisinger Puszta Libre


0.6 g/L sugar, 11.6% alcohol, 2 ppm sulfur


Rich dark fruit, subtle earth notes, bold texture


Preisinger marries smooth drinkability with complex depth in this blend of St. Laurent and Zweigelt. Born from fertile lowlands in Eastern Austria, the Puszta expresses a beautiful tension between fruit and earth.

2015 Alexander Koppitsch Rot #7


0.5 g/L sugar, 12.2% alcohol, 12 ppm sulfur


Crisp bright red fruit, elegant finish, pairs with fish


This blend of local varietals (Zweigelt, Blaüfrankisch, St. Laurent, Syrah) is a fresh take on Austrian earth. Grown in limestone, harvested by hand, and aged in acacia wood barrels, this wine expresses subtlety and elegance.

2015 Heinrich Zweigelt


0.6 g/L sugar, 12.3% alcohol, 24 ppm sulfur


Deep purple color, great tannins, fresh ripe fruit


Planted in the unique clay and gravel soil of eastern Austria, this 100% Zweigelt is fermented in stainless steel for a clean palate. From the hand harvest to the glass bottle stopper, Gernot and Heike Heinrich pay meticulous attention to every detail in this deliciously deep wine.

2015 Matthias Grüner Veltliner


0.8 g/L sugar, 12.5% alcohol, 69 ppm sulfur


Hints of white flower, crisp juicy acidity, smooth palate


As a fully biodynamic wine grower, Matthias encourages healthy, rocky soil and prunes his vines by hand. He ages this 100% Grüner in stainless steel for a crisp, pure palate.