Natural Sparkling Wine

Dry Farm Wines is offering a one time purchase of 3 or 6 bottles of Sparkling or sign up for a Sparkling Membership and receive a complimentary sparkling bottle stopper.

Sparkling Membership

with complimentary bottle stopper

At Dry Farm Wines, we source Sparkling Wines according to our uncompromising criteria of farming and purity. We vet every grower, taste every wine, and ensure every wine is lab tested through an independent enologist. Every bottle is:


Lower Alcohol (less than 12.5%)

Friendly to Keto & Paleo

Lower Sulfites (less than 75ppm)


Sugar Free(<1g/L)

Free of Toxic Additives

One Time Sparkling Box

$ 103.00

An exclusive one time box of 3 or 6 Pure Natural Sparkling Wines

A Return to Real, Honest Wine

The story of our pure Natural Wines begins with a healthy farm and ends with a vibrant sip. From biodiverse vineyards to antioxidant rich grapes, our pure Natural Wines express a completely unique wine experience.

It’s hard to tell, but most wines sold today are mass produced products. They can include high levels of sugar, alcohol, and 76 FDA-approved additives. 

Pure Natural Wine is rare. We estimate less than 0.01% of the world’s wines meet our strict criteria.