Spring Party Pack - Dry Farm Wines


Graduations, Weddings, BBQs, and more... the month of May is full of joyous events. Serve and share all-natural wines imported from artisanal family farmers worldwide.  

This party box includes 4 delicious reds, 4 crisp whites, and 4 celebratory sparkling wines. We’ve hand-curated this assortment so every wine is well balanced, pairs perfectly with food, and will be a huge crowd pleaser!


‘Tis the season to gift! Whether it's for a recent grad or a newlywed, spring is a joyful time to share love and wine, especially natural, sugar-free wine.

We’ve put together an exclusive hand-picked gift box of our premium wines. It includes one of each of our artisanal wine styles: red, white, sparkling, and rosé. It’s a healthy and soulful way to say, "Congrats!"


Why Are These Wines Unique?

All Natural

Free of synthetic chemicals & flavor additives. Our artisans rely on nature’s bountiful logic to guide their wines.

Lab Tested

Lab-tested to meet our stringent health standards: no sugar, no carbs, and low sulfites.

Euphoric Buzz

Clean, vibrant profile so you'll get a euphoric buzz without the side effects.