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Curated for you, from small family farms around the world.

Grown in biodiverse soils

Sugar free & lower alcohol

Independently lab tested for purity

Every bottle. No questions asked.


Pure Reds & Whites

2020 Mick and Jeanine Craven Stellenbosch Red Blend



11.43% alcohol, 0.3 g/L sugar, 12ppm sulfur

Tastes Like

Herbal spiced red fruits on the nose are accompanied by a lush palate filled with bing cherry and plum.

Pairs With

Pork Chops, Grilled Eggplant, Hard Cheeses

2020 Mick and Jeanine Craven Stellenbosch Viognier



11.29% alcohol, 0.1 g/L sugar, 22ppm sulfur

Tastes Like

A beautiful expression of South African terroir, defined by acidity and unmistakable minerality.

Pairs With

Hummus, Roasted Vegetables, Olive Medley

Jeanine, Mick and their beautiful daughter from Stellenbosch, South Africa

Every bottle we send you is protected by our signature Happiness Promise. If you don't like a wine for any reason, we will either replace the bottle or refund you in full, whichever you prefer.

A Note About Shipping ...

How does it work?

We can deliver your wines to any shipping address provided there is someone available over 21 to sign. We recommend a work address or local shipping store.

How much does it cost?

Every shipment is delivered with complimentary ground shipping.

How long does it take?

Ground shipping times depend on the state. For the West Coast, shipping takes 1-3 business days. For the East Coast, it takes 5-7. Expedited shipping options are available; just email us at service@dryfarmwines.com.

What is Special about our Natural Wines?

Independently Lab Tested

Each wine we source is lab tested by an independent lab to be less than 1g/L of sugar and less than 12.5% alcohol. Plus, our wines are grown on small family farms without industrial chemicals.

Better for Food Pairing

Natural Wine crafted with minimal human intervention tastes different from commercial, shelf wine. It offers a pure palate and a freshness that complements food flavors of all kinds.

Unique Experience

In moderation, lower alcohol, additive free wines allow you to experience wine's pleasure while reducing higher alcohol's negative effects.

Members Say...

“If I had only one word to describe your wine, it would be PURE. I taste no additives; no chemicals.”

- Ronnell, Illinois

“We are speechless! You and your family are incredible and we so appreciate what you all are doing. Exceptional quality for customer & product.”

- Deidre, Washington

“Every bottle we have opened was a delight to our taste buds. We are so glad y’all exist.”

- Charlotte, North Carolina