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The design and composition of your wine glass affect how you experience a wine. The perfect glass brings these two elements together in harmony.

The beautiful glass we use to enjoy our wines is the Riedel Veritas New World Restaurant Edition. This is a professional edition not available to the public.

The style is thin and light so it’s a pleasure to swirl. It’s hand blown from pure crystal to carry any temperature with precision. The body is elegant and full, allowing the wine to express its complete aromatics.

We’re offering the glass in pairs (2 glasses) and quartets (4 glasses). Our private offering of this professional edition glass is only available to our Members and friends through this email.

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But don't worry, there will be more special offers like this soon. In the meantime, if you want to drink healthier wine, order here!

This Austrian clan of master Riedel glassmakers has done more to enhance the oenophile’s pleasure than almost any winemaking dynasty.

- Time Magazine


Glass design consists of three elements: bowl, stem, and base. In a perfect glass, the size and weight of these three elements exist in a harmonious ratio so the glass is balanced in your hand.

A wider, fuller bowl lets us get immersed in the wine’s aromatics. A thinner stem makes holding and swirling the glass a pleasure. And, a wider base is sturdy and easy to set down.


Each grape varietal carries a specific taste profile in its genetic DNA. A glass is responsible for how you perceive this.

It delivers the intensity of the bouquet with honesty. It showcases the unique mouthfeel of each diverse wine style. It presents a focused vision of how the fruit, mineral, acid, and earth play with each other in the glass. And, it rounds off the finish with grace.


When you enjoy a wine in this Veritas glass, fill only one quarter of the glass with liquid. This leaves “headspace” for the wine to breathe and for you to experience its perfume.

Before you sip, swirl the wine in the glass to coat the sides. Your senses will get the full bouquet from the glass’s unique architecture. The shape coaxes the aromatics to the center of the crystal bowl, which then lifts them to your nose through a narrow edge.

As you sip, notice the thin, light stem and enjoy the crystal finish and curved design of the lip.

Why Riedel?

Riedel has been hand blowing premium wine glasses since 1756. They’re currently in their 11th generation, using old glassmaking traditions to handcraft their premium line. We love Riedel because every glass is 100% pure crystal construction.

Harmony, in a glass.

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