The Grand Party Pack - Dry Farm Wines


Wines to Celebrate the 4th of July!

Introducing our vibrant & refreshing Fireworks Selection! It’s such a great way to share joy and health with friends & family for the July 4th holiday!

We’ve curated these four featured wines in two sizes: Mini & Grand. The Mini is great for smaller get-togethers & personal moments; the Grand is perfect for parties, cookouts, and big events!

These natural, handcrafted wines are completely organic and sugar-free. They don’t contain any of the additives or artificial heaviness of commercial wines. They have a uniquely crisp taste that pairs beautifully with food and offers an ideal refresher in the summer sun (especially served chilled!).

For us, drinking natural, healthy, and clean wine at social gatherings is a powerful way to connect with people and experience a rare euphoria. From wine flows smiles, laughter, and personal discoveries.

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to share these healthful & soulful wines with you. Please enjoy!

1 Red, 1 White, 1 Rosé, 1 Sparkling (4 bottles)


Grab a Mini Pack for your smaller July 4th celebration.


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But don't worry, there will be more special offers like this soon. In the meantime, if you want to drink healthier wine, order here!

3 Reds, 3 Whites, 3 Rosés, 3 Sparklings (12 bottles)


Get a Grand Pack for your big cookouts & July 4th parties.


Sales are closed.


Why Are These Wines Unique?

All Natural

Free of synthetic chemicals & flavor additives. Our artisans rely on nature’s bountiful logic to guide their wines.

Lab Tested

Lab-tested to meet our stringent health standards: no sugar, no carbs, and low sulfites.

Euphoric Buzz

Clean, vibrant profile so you'll get a euphoric buzz without the side effects.

Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint
The perfect paleo wine, I’m a believer.
Dave Asprey, Bulletproof
Dry Farm Wines brings fanatical quantification to biohacking wine.
JJ Virgin
Take great care of your body and your palate with Dry Farm Wines!
Robb Wolf
If you enjoy wine but are not jazzed about the negative side effects, these wines are for you.