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The Pinot Collection
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A 3 month fall subscription of 3 hand picked, organic Pinots. 

Pinot Noir is one of our favorite grapes. It's elegant and subtle. It's complex. And, when crafted naturally, it provides great balance between fresh acid and deep earth.

For our Pinot Collection, we'll share three of our pure, natural Pinots every month until December. It's a 3 month journey through the world of Natural Pinot Noir.  

Of course, every bottle is lab tested to meet our stringent health standards: free of sugar, carbs, and additives, plus low in sulfites and alcohol.

Wishing you a wonderful Fall Season.  

How Are These Wines Unique?

All Natural

Free of synthetic chemicals and flavor additives. Our artisans rely on nature to guide their wines.

Lab Tested

Lab-tested to meet our stringent health standards, like free of sugar and carbs, plus low in sulfites.

Euphoric Buzz

Clean and vibrant, so you'll get a euphoric buzz without the side effects like hangovers.

Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint
The perfect paleo wine, I’m a believer.
Dave Asprey, Bulletproof
Dry Farm Wines brings fanatical quantification to biohacking wine.
JJ Virgin
Take great care of your body and your palate with Dry Farm Wines!