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The Rosé Collection
Free Gift

A 3-month summer subscription of 3 hand-picked, all organic rosés. 

The hot summer days are upon us. We feel it’s the perfect time to share the abundance of our organic, sugar-free rosés with you!

As a limited summer subscription, The Rosé Collection offers the opportunity to taste three of our clean, refreshing rosés every month until August: a 3-month journey through the world of natural rosé! 

From our sharp Austrian Zweigelt to our elegant French Chinon, we’ll curate unique selections of styles and grapes in each collection. Every wine will match our stringent health & taste standards and we guarantee your happiness enjoying every bottle.

Join us on this small adventure around the world of natural wine and treat yourself to wine made naturally and lab tested. No sugar, low sulfites, no additives, and no hangover - just clean, healthy rosé!   

Cheers to a wonderful summer filled with energizing sun and refreshing wine!  


Why Are These Wines Unique?

All Natural

Free of synthetic chemicals & flavor additives. Our artisans rely on nature’s bountiful logic to guide their wines.

Lab Tested

Lab-tested to meet our stringent health standards: no sugar, no carbs, and low sulfites.

Euphoric Buzz

Clean, vibrant profile so you'll get a euphoric buzz without the side effects.