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Open your natural wine with this simple, elegant, and functional key: the Viski Signature Copper Edition.

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Don't worry; there will be more special offers like this soon. In the meantime, if you want to drink healthier wine, order here!

Designed with high quality, this signature corkscrew is a beautiful everyday wine opener. With a double hinged arm, integrated foil cutter, and copper finish, it's a stunning value.

Why the Copper Viski?

We open a lot of wine. During the week, we open 15 - 20 bottles a night. We've tested many corkscrews, and the Viski Signature Copper Edition stands out as a brilliant everyday choice.

The main reason why? It actually works. The design is functional, with a double hinge and good weight to easily pop a cork. It also looks beautiful. The signature copper finish shines with polish.

At $15, this wine key is an incredible value. Collect a few for your personal wine cabinet.

Elegant Simplicity.

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