3 Options for Organic Wine Delivery

3 Options for Organic Wine Delivery

Nowadays, some grocery stores and liquor stores sell organic wines as part of their inventory. These wines have become popular options as consumers take an avid interest in how their wines are produced. However, it is still exceedingly rare to find them compared to regular wines. In fact, less than 5% of the wines in the world are organic.

So, the most important question about organic wines lies in the delivery and accessibility. Where are they, and how can you access them?
Continue reading to learn more about options for organic wine delivery.

What is Organic Wine?

Organic wine is a wine made according to the principles of organic farming. This means that all processes involved in winemaking follow a strict regimen established by the US Department of Agriculture(USDA). These wines are farmed, processed, and stored using these procedures.

While farming organic wines, the use of chemicals and GMOs is prohibited. Therefore, you should not expect the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. In wine production, sulfites function as a preservative of the wine flavor and texture, and their addition is strictly prohibited in wines labeled, “organic.”

Why Should You Buy Organic Wine?

The lack of manipulation of organic wine in both the field and cellar is arguably why most people prefer organic wines. The peace of mind comes with knowing that you're drinking wine without any additives or pesticides that may affect you. Therefore, they eliminate the possibility of consuming something with residual traces of pesticides and herbicides used in farming.

Certified organic wines usually also contain less sugar than the inorganic options and don't contain harmful additives, flavoring agents, or caramel coloring. Although sulfites are generally harmless, around 1% of the population could have reactions, such as those with severe asthma or those who lack the enzyme needed to break down sulfites in the body, potentially causing allergic reactions such as cramps, blotchy skin, rashes, and hives.

What Do You Want From Organic Wine Delivery?

You should look for a service that can deliver high-quality wines on a regular schedule to keep up with consumption and need for variety. This will help you maintain a constant and revolving wine collection.

Some considerations for wine delivery are:

The amount you should pay for your wine delivery service can vary. Determining how much you will be paying for the delivery service is critical. Some options will charge shipping or delivery fees that can range drastically. Take time to compare the difference between the delivery options at your disposal and choose one that best fits your needs.

Wine Quality
Depending on where you source your wine from you could be receiving a variety of bottles that may not fit your tastes, preferences, or expectations. Finding a delivery service that can handle high quality wines such as Natural Wines, Organic Wines, or Keto Friendly Wines is going to be tricky but worth it.

Delivery Time
Are you looking for delivery within the next few days or the next week? If you’re willing to be patient for just a couple of days the quality of wine you could get your hands on grows exponentially. Even better if you set yourself up on monthly or quarterly deliveries you will never have to worry about running out of wine.

Return policy
It is important to research the return or refund policy of wine companies. What happens if you don’t like a wine? Are they willing to refund you for your purchase? In this case, it would make you more confident in your purchase.

3 Options for Organic Wine Delivery

Grocery Stores: Sometimes, a local shop or grocery store may offer a wine delivery service. However, it is not always ideal, since local grocery and liquor stores usually have a limited selection. Remember, organic wine tends to have a shorter shelf life than regular ones. Therefore, it's likely that grocery and liquor stores would keep a small number of these wines in their inventory.

From a Winery: Getting organic wine directly from local wineries is a great option if you have quality vineyard nearby. This option can get tricky though when you want to try more variety or are looking for organic specialty wines. Many wineries have wine clubs that offer consistent deliveries and other perks if you’re interested in visiting the winery in person frequently.

Wine Subscription: You can choose between high-quality or low-quality models in a subscription organic wine delivery model. High-quality subscription models require customers to sign up for a subscription and schedule routine deliveries for their wine. These models also have a rotating selection of different types of high-quality organic wines you can choose from.

Other perks come with these models, such as the option to cancel membership anytime, replace wines that don't meet your preference and refund in full in case of wrong delivery.

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