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The Dry Farm Wines Difference

We curate the purest Natural Wines in the world. Our standards are high, because yours are too. Every bottle follows a 3 step process.

Step 1

Grown, Not Made

From French villages to the Austrian countryside, all our growers use organic, regenerative, and dry farming practices. No pesticides, herbicides, or any other “-cides,” ever. Only nutrient-rich living soils and sun.

Family Growers

Our growers are at the heart of what we do. We’ve partnered with over 600 small farms that nurture their land, organically cultivate healthy soils, and grow wines with a beautiful sense of place.

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Why Dry Farm?

Dry farming means no irrigation, a core concept to our growers. Without irrigation, vines find their natural source of water and nutrients. This saves billions of gallons of water and increases vine & grape health.

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Step 2

Tested for Purity

Sugar Free

Every wine is fermented completely dry with less than 1 gram per liter. This even includes our rosé, sparkling, and white wine!

Lower Alcohol

With the national average nearing 14%, none of our wines are over 12.5% abv.


While most wines are fermented with lab made yeasts, our Natural Wines are fermented with non GMO, wild yeasts found naturally on grapes in the vineyard.

No Toxic Additives

Commercial wine companies may use up to 76 FDA-approved additives (like toxic dimethyl dicarbonate); our growers do not.

Step 2

Tested for Purity

Approved by Taste Experts

Step 3: Our team of wine experts evaluates every wine and tastes each bottle multiple times to ensure they’re elegant, vibrant, and most of all, delicious. We believe in the taste of our wines so much that we back every bottle with our 100% Happiness Promise. You’ll love each sip - or your bottle’s on us.

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