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How We Source

Our Rigorous Standards of Purity

We vet every wine and grower with strict attention to detail. After all, since wine companies are not required to report additives they use, how they farm, or even the accurate alcohol content on the label, you really have no idea what's in your bottle.

We take matters into our own hands, providing a Dry Farm Wines Certification of our own. Our criteria falls into three main categories: farming, purity, and taste.

From the Farm


Everything starts with living soils. Nutrient dense earth gives life to healthy vines. Our organic Natural Wine Growers do not use industrial practices like chemical spraying or advanced tilling.


Our growers are small families who prioritize Nature's wellbeing. They work with their hands, honestly farming the land and using ancient winemaking techniques to craft living wines reflecting the terroir.


A Natural Vineyard is a special place of biodiversity. You can feel the energy of the full, flourishing ecosystem that lives among the vines. You'll find plants, herbs, flowers, animals, and insects.

Dry Farming

Widespread irrigation is common in the wine industry. Our growers do not irrigate, instead letting the vines find their natural water source. It saves water, increases the health of the vine, and produces better fruit.

To Testing

sugar free

Every wine is fermented completely dry, with less than 1 gram per liter. This includes rosé, sparkling, and white wine.

Lower Alcohol

With the national alcohol average nearing 15%, our lab tested wines never surpass 12.5%, with many as low as 7%.

lower sulfites

Our wines average a very low 39 parts per million. In the US, by law sulfites are allowed in amounts up to 350 parts per million (ppm) in wine.


Our pure Natural Wines are fermented with wild, native yeast found naturally on grapes. Most wines are fermented with lab made yeasts.

no industrial additives

While commercial wine companies may use up to 76 FDA-approved additives (like thickeners and dyes), our growers do not.

To Your Glass

Every one of our pure Natural Wines must taste delicious. After all, even if a wine is grown to the highest Natural standards, it needs to taste good to enjoy it.

Our wines undergo a meticulous tasting protocol by our expert wine team. We taste for purity, honesty, sense of place, and dynamic spirit. As a result, our Natural Wines are vibrant and elegant. They burst with life. In fact, they will taste very different from normal wines.

Members Say...

“BEST WINE EVER! Incredibly happy to finally find a wine I can drink without feeling awful afterwards!”

~ Dolores • Texas

“Truly lives up to the description. I'm so happy to taste clean, crisp, dry wines with no disliked aftertaste.”

~ JaneAnne • New York

“Really appreciate your service and having a product I can undoubtedly trust.”

~ Kelly • California

“These are the best wines.. I have severe stomach issues and these are the only wines that don’t irritate me.. Thank you so much”

~ Kyle • Missouri

“Don't be concerned about ordering from Dry Farms, their wines are outstanding!! I've been a long time customer with not one complaint!”

~ Atie • Nevada

“I adore Dry Farms Wines and will never be without! I can drink wine again without the terrible side effects and still remain on my low carb lifestyle.”

~ Shur • New York