7 Benefits of an Organic Wine Club

7 Benefits of an Organic Wine Club

If you enjoy wine regularly, and you are looking for organic wine specifically, you may be considering joining a wine club. There are so many reasons you should consider joining a club, especially if you’d like to regularly receive specialty or curated wines such as organic wine.

Organic wines are rarely found in local grocery stores, and one of the most convenient ways to get access to them is by subscribing to the right wine club. This makes sure you receive organic wines based on your tastes. Read on to learn more about organic wine clubs and the benefits of joining one.

What is Organic Wine?

For the past ten years, there has been a growing “farm to table” movement. Consumers are more concerned about the origin and the production process of what they consume, including wine. 

Organic wine is wine made from grapes that were cultivated and vinified organically. This means that the grapes are grown without artificial fertilizers, conventional herbicides or fungicides, or genetic engineering, according to USDA standards. Besides health concerns for wine lovers, organic wine is also produced in methods that conserve or protect the environment, including the soil and the vines.  

In the U.S., there are two main categories of organic wines under USDA regulations. One of the two is labeled "Made with Organically Grown Grapes," and the other "Organic." The two categories of wine are produced using environmentally friendly or natural products; their main difference is the use of sulfites. 

Wines labeled as "Made with Organically Grown Grapes" typically contain sulfites added as a preservative of up to 100 parts per million. Wines labeled "Organic" may not contain any added sulfites but may have naturally occurring sulfites up to 10 parts per million.


What is a Wine Club?

Wine Clubs first popped up in the 1970s, and for decades, wine clubs have grown steadily in popularity. Typically, wineries or small specialty wine shops offer wine clubs to members that are particularly interested in their wines.

There are multiple benefits associated with joining an organic wine club. The main highlights are:

Enjoy 100% Organic Wine
By getting a membership to Dry Farm Wines, our organic wine club, you are assured of receiving only wines grown organically. The organic wines are vetted by a sourcing team and tested at the lab to ensure they are pure and sulfites are at their lowest levels. Everything is done by knowledgeable and trained staff members who select high-end wines for every shipment.

Easy Access to Organic Wines
Organic wines are limited compared to non-organic wines mainly due to the strict production procedure. In fact, less than 5% of vines worldwide are organically grown. As mentioned, finding the organic wines at the local groceries takes work. However, members of an organic wine club can request organic wine quickly from the comfort of their homes. 

Better Pricing on Organic Wines
Members of an organic wine club receive exclusive pricing on their orders. This pricing courtesy is available only to Members with active subscriptions. They are also offered complimentary access to wine-tasting events and dinners.

Save Time
Besides helping you save money, being a member of a wine club enables you to save time. Instead of spending a lot of time and hassle going to the grocery store for wine, you can have an expert select wines for you, and ship them conveniently to your home. 

Explore Different Types of Wines
Members of a wine club can explore different types of wines, including new wines. This helps them discover a variety based on their taste preferences. If you are looking forward to expanding your wine repertoire or learning new varietals, consider joining a wine club.

Enjoy a Wide Selection of Organic Wine at Dry Farm Wines

At Dry Farm Wines, we care about what we consume, and that's why we offer our members naturally sugar free and lower in alcohol (less than 12.5% ABV) organic wines. Our organic wines contain much lower levels of sulfites and do not contain any of the toxic additives approved by the U.S. government for use in winemaking, like dimethyl dicarbonate.

We also thoroughly lab-test our organic wine for purity before shipping them to our members. Contact us today or sign up and become a member to enjoy discounted pricing with access to the rarest organic artisan wines.

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