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Every box is unique, filled with different, delicious pure Natural Wines from around the world, all tested for our standards of purity.



Set up scheduled shipments to best suit your preferences. Plus, we ship directly to any address, which you can manage at any time through your account portal.



Enjoy a transformative wine experience, protected by our 100% Happiness Promise to replace or refund any wine you don't love.

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Learn how your pure Natural Wines get from Vineyard to Glass

We Source

Our wines undergo a rigorous sourcing process


We start by selecting growers who farm with the utmost respect for Nature. No irrigation or industrial chemicals allowed.


A third party enologist analyzes every wine for purity. Each wine must be at or below 12.5% alcohol, 1g/L sugar, and 75 ppm sulfites.


Our large tasting panel meticulously tastes each wine, searching for spirit, purity, and a sense of place.

Over 60% of the wines we test don't meet our high standards. For those that do, we curate them in creative, unique selections...

Impressive diversity of different styles, grapes, flavors, and countries.

Seasonally matched wines that compliment the time of year.

An ever changing collection of small batch pure Natural Wines.

A curated convenience of impossible to find, exclusive wines.


You Choose

In your Member Account Portal, you can change what you receive and how often you receive it without any fees or loopholes. And, we make it easy to cancel at any time.

I Enjoy red wine regularly

Try 12 Reds monthly, for the best value on our membership with endless reds to discover.

Try 12 Reds Monthly

Try 6 Mixed monthly, for a perfect introductory experience.

Try 6 Mixed Monthly

Try 6 Whites every other month, for a white adventure all year round.

Try 6 Whites Bi-Monthly

You Enjoy

You will taste a difference right away. It's the first thing our Members notice.

As you drink through your wine selection, you will notice how pure and crisp the wines taste. They are dynamic. They jump out of the glass with freshness and vibrancy. So many other commercial wines are heavy and syrupy; these wines are the opposite. Subtle elegance with spirited pop.

“Lower sugar and sulfites than regular wines and a taste that is unparalleled. Once you go #dryfarmwines you'll never want to go back!”

~ Ben • Texas

“BEST WINE EVER! Incredibly happy to finally find a wine I can drink without feeling awful afterwards!”

~ Dolores • Texas

“Truly lives up to the description. I'm so happy to taste clean, crisp, dry wines with no disliked aftertaste.”

~ JaneAnne • New York

“Really appreciate your service and having a product I can undoubtedly trust.”

~ Kelly • California

“These are the best wines.. I have severe stomach issues and these are the only wines that don’t irritate me.. Thank you so much.”

~ Kyle • Missouri

“Don't be concerned about ordering from Dry Farms, their wines are outstanding!! I've been a long time customer with not one complaint!”

~ Katie • Nevada

Happiness Promise

Every bottle we send you is protected by our 100% Happiness Promise. If you don't like a wine for any reason, we will either replace the bottle or refund you in full, whichever you prefer.

No questions, returns, or loopholes.