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Hey Kwik Learners!

Want to know the #1 secret to supercharging your brainpower and productivity?

The secret is ...

Work with Jim Kwik!! The man is a genius!

But there's another secret you should know as well. To optimize your brainpower, productivity, and profit, you MUST REMOVE all the kryptonite from your environment.

You already know about the importance of eating well. You probably drink Bulletproof coffee, avoid sugar, and eat mostly grass-fed meat, wild caught fish, and naturally-grown vegetables.

But there's a HUGE chunk of kryptonite that you are ignoring.


Let's be real - most of us drink. It's highly pleasurable and there are some real benefits to drinking in the right dose.

It’s delicious, pairs perfectly with a good meal, and it brings people together in a way that helps form deep, meaningful relationships.

Research also shows that wine, when consumed in moderation, helps you live longer, improves your heart health, lowers your risk for diabetes, reduces your stress, and slows your brain’s decline. That's a win!

Here's the bad part...

All the unwanted negative side effects: headaches, hangovers, stomach aches, poor sleep, brain fog, sugar rushes, post-drinking food cravings, and that general “blah” feeling you get after drinking.

You can't be a Kwik Learner with those symptoms.

Making matters worse, wine often has high sugar levels (kryptonite!), often more even than a coca cola. 

AND... most modern wines are highly processed, very similar to most modern foods.

The FDA allows 76 additives to be thrown into the winemaking cauldron. These include metals, chemicals, sugars, animal products, fish bladders, and more. Many of these are known to be toxic. Why would we want to drink those?!

Fortunately, there's a better way.

If you drink natural, sugar-free, low alcohol, low sulfite wines, they’re a much healthier, cleaner product.

They allow you to enjoy the benefits of wine - that sense of euphoria, the expansion of creative expression, and the deep connection with the people you love - without the downsides.

At Dry Farm Wines, we curate these healthier wines and lab test every bottle to ensure the highest standard for purity. Because that's what we want to drink!

All Dry Farm Wines are:

Sourced from small, natural vintners. This means no added pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or other harmful chemicals.

Cultivated through “dry-farming”. Dry-farmed vines get their water from natural rainfall. Irrigated vines are dripped water from tubes tied to the plants. Dry-farmed plants have roots that grow exponentially deeper than irrigated ones, meaning they absorb more nutrients from deep within the soil.

Naturally low in sulfites. While all wines contain some naturally-occurring sulfites, our wines are all lab tested to ensure levels below 75 ppm (the US standard is 350 ppm). For those with sulfite allergies, this means you can drink these wines without the usual symptoms.

Sugar-free. The average sweet wine you’d buy at Whole Foods has about 50g of sugar. That’s the equivalent of dumping 13 sugar packets into the bottle! Can you imagine!? Fortunately, all our wines are lab tested to guarantee they are sugar-free.

Made without artificial additives. Our wines have none of the 76 commercial additives that are now added to most wines. They’re just naturally fermented grape juice.

As a Kwik Learner, if you sign up now, you’ll get an extra bottle of the world's finest and healthiest wine in your first delivery for just 1 penny.

So throw out that kryptonite wine and unleash your full potential!

Claim Your Penny Bottle!


Claim Your Penny Bottle!

The Finest Natural Wines, Lab Tested, & Delivered To Your Door

  • No Hangover

  • No Headache

  • Sugar-Free

A Healthier Way To Enjoy Wines

All Wines are Lab Tested to Ensure Purity

Low Alcohol

Sugar + Carb Free

Low Sulfites



Lab Tested

All of our wines are lab tested by an independent enologist to ensure our standards of purity

Discover a Taste Awakening

Natural, Low Alcohol wines simply taste better and pair better with food