Lab Tested - Dry Farm Wines

All Of Our Wines Are Scrutinized And Investigated Carefully To Meet Our Exact And Specific Standards Of Purity –
Including Lab Analysis By A Certified Enologist.

We vet every wine and grower with strict attention to detail. After all, wine companies are not required to report additives they use, how they farm, or even the accurate alcohol content on the label. This means you really have no idea what’s in your bottle. 

We take matters into our own hands, providing a Dry Farm Wines Certification of our own. Our criteria falls into three main categories: farming, purity, and taste. 

Our Farming Standards

Everything starts with the soil. Organically grown vines, nutrient dense earth, and a biodiverse ecosystem will create the best tasting fruit from sturdy vines. Natural Wine Growers never use any of the industrial modern practices that make up most of wine production, like chemical spraying, widespread irrigation, or advanced tilling. 


We only work with small, family farmers who respect and prioritize Nature’s wellbeing. They work with their hands, honestly farming the land and using ancient winemaking techniques to craft raw wines reflecting the terroir


A Natural Vineyard is a unique, rare place. The soil is lighter, almost bouncy, with aerated dark rich organic matter. You can find plants, herbs, flowers, animals, and insects amongst the vines, encouraging a full ecosystem to flourish.  

Dry Farming

Conventional wine companies engage in widespread irrigation to lower farming costs and increase fruit yield. Our growers do not irrigate, instead letting the vines find their natural water source. This practice is known as “dry farming.” Irrigation is unnecessary, bad for the planet, bad for the vine, and produces nutrient poor fruit.

Our Purity Standards

We consider sugar and alcohol to be toxins. Because we care about what we consume, we apply a rigorous testing protocol to every wine, including independent lab testing for sugar, alcohol, and sulfur levels. We only source wines that meet the following purity standards:

  • Statistically Sugar Free. Every wine is fermented completely dry, with less than 0.15 grams per 5oz glass. This includes rosé, sparkling, and white wine.  
  • Lower Alcohol. With the national alcohol average nearing 15%, our wines never surpass 12.5% alc/vol, with some as low as 7%. 
  • Lower Sulfites. Our wines average a very low 39 parts per million. In the US, by law sulfites are allowed in amounts up to 350 parts per million (ppm) in wine.
  • No Additives. While commercial wine companies may use up to 70+ FDA-approved additives, including thickeners and dyes, to create a shelf stable product.
  • All Native Yeast. Our pure Natural Wines are only fermented with wild, native yeast growing naturally on grapes. Commercial wines are fermented with GMO lab cultured yeasts.

Our Taste Standards

Every wine is a matter of taste. Even if it is grown to the highest Natural standards, it still needs to taste good for us to enjoy it. That’s why every wine we source undergoes a meticulous tasting protocol by our wine team: Luen, Ramzy, Erika, Beno, Duncan, and Todd. 

We taste for purity, honesty, sense of place, and dynamic spirit. As a result, our Natural Wines are vibrant and elegant. They burst with life since they are not sterilized or heavily filtered like wines on store shelves. In fact, these wines will taste very different from normal wines. They are brighter, easier to drink, and driven by terroir instead of by artificial heaviness or too much oak. 

The difference in taste makes such an impact, customers often notice it first… 

  • “My first sip was so smooth!!  The difference is unbelievable.”
  • “Truly lives up to the description. I'm so happy to taste clean, crisp, dry whites with no disliked after taste.” 
  • “My personal trainer told me about you. She is telling all of her clients to drink only natural wine. I believed her. I am so glad I did. I have never tasted anything like your wines. Thank you and cheers!” 
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