American Beauty

American Beauty

A delectable bistro, Venice-style.

In late 2019, American Beauty opened in Venice, and a neighborhood known for its artistic flare and trendy designs was given something rare: a down to earth, tasty, everyday dinner spot. After a shutdown during the pandemic, they’re back in full force. 

The thing about American Beauty is it’s so approachable you might think it wouldn't be anything special. The courtyard is a patchwork of outdoor metal tables on gravel and dirt, just like a barbeque at your neighbor’s house. The menu is short and unpretentious, featuring dishes you could make at home. The service is friendly; no tucked in shirts and arrogant language. Everyone there genuinely wants you to have a good time. 


But it’s really the food that seals the deal. Crispy, light corn fritters that feel luxurious in your mouth; lovely summer squash garnished with tangy ginger and scallions; soft roasted carrots with bright yogurt; a juicy, umami burger and perfectly cooked steak. To us, these are some of the highlights. 

Maybe these dishes don’t seem like much. After all, we’ve probably seen some variation of them on other menus. But at American Beauty, they taste different. The execution is flawless. Somehow, everything is juicy, perfectly salted, and served at the right temp. No heavy sauces or overdressed dishes. Every ingredient is right, and they complement each other beautifully. 

There is a surprising simplicity in how delicious the food is. It will almost catch you off guard. 

Bring a few bottles of pure Natural Wine with you and enjoy the surprise; you’ll see what we mean. 



American Beauty
425 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291

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