How to Gift a Wine Subscription

How to Gift a Wine Subscription

There is no better expression of love to a wine enthusiast than gifting them their favorite wine bottles on special days. Thanks to wine subscription and memberships, it is possible to give a sip of fine wine from top notch wineries to elate your loved ones. 

Wine clubs are developing innovative systems to personalize wine subscriptions, such as offering electronic gift cards to subscribers. As a wine lover, you may be curious about wine subscriptions and how to gift a wine subscription to your loved ones and colleagues. Dry Farms Wines, which has one of the most flexible and premium wine subscription memberships, provides some insights on gifting a wine subscription to enthusiasts and other recipients. Read on to learn more about how to gift a wine subscription.

What is a wine subscription?

wine subscription is a curated program to have some bottles of wine of a specified amount delivered to your doorstep as a paid service. The wine subscription fee may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly, depending on the arrangement with your wine club or provider. 

Subscriptions are personalized for each member to choose their own packages, which have a variety of hand-selected wine types, presenting an opportunity to access rare wines. If you are often overwhelmed by decisions on which wine bottles to buy, tired of going to the wine stores frequently, or want to try a variety of new bottles at regular intervals, you will appreciate a wine subscription.

Occasions to Gift a Wine Subscription

Wine subscriptions are versatile gifts that keep giving. Every time a box of wine is delivered to their door they will think of you. Every time a cork is pulled from the neck of the bottle there will be a moment of thanks for your gift. 

Here are some occasions where gifting a wine subscription will fit perfectly: 

  • Christmas 
  • Birthdays
  • Host Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Anniversaries 
  • Promotion Gifts

Don’t forget that sometimes the best gifts come for no obvious reasons. Thank you’s are universal and unregulated. Not needing to give a gift and doing it anyway can be the best way to give a gift. 

How to Gift a Wine Subscription

Wine subscriptions provide convenience when it comes to gifting without costing a fortune. Wine clubs provide a variety of ways to gift a wine subscription which may include:

Prepaid One Time Wine Gift

The one time gift box is designed for the member to pay for all the related costs concerning shipping the wine to a recipient's place. The payment, including shipment, is made upfront by the subscriber. This gifting opportunity is suitable when one knows the taste of their recipients and would love to treat them to a wine surprise. 

Ongoing Wine Subscription or Membership

The ongoing membership gifting opportunity allows the member to gift a loved one at regular intervals. The gifting opportunity is always active depending on the arrangement with the wine club. It is designed for recipients to receive a wine gift delivered at their doorstep until the subscriber cancels the membership opportunity. 

Benefits of Gifting a Wine Subscription

As a wine gifter, there are several benefits that you will enjoy by gifting a wine subscription or a one time wine shipment. 

Saves Money

Wine subscribers often enjoy the best possible price when they are a wine club member. Gifting wine may be costly, however, gifting a wine subscription will reduce expenses that you would have incurred in purchasing from a wine store and doing self delivery.

Convenient, Efficient and Reliable

With a wine subscription, deliveries to recipients are convenient at their own comfort and done within a short time. The recipient do not have to worry about the shipment once they provide a location address for receiving their gift. It is also reliable since delivery is done when needed and at regular intervals which save you time when it is that time to buy and deliver wine.  

Guaranteed Wine Quality

Wine clubs ensure their members get a taste of the best quality wine in the market, going the extra mile to get unique wines that will excite gift recipients. With quality considerations, you are sure that the recipient will receive the best quality wine.

How to Gift a wine Subscription with Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines allows individuals to gift recipients select wine collections, delivered to their doorstep. Here is a step by step-by step guide on how to gift a wine subscription with Dry Farm Wines:

  • Choose the wine type: In this step, you will choose from our vast collection of red, white and mixed wine brands that match your recipient's taste.
  • Choose quantity of bottles: Then you will choose the number of wine bottles they want to be delivered.
  • Choose the frequency: You will determine the number of times and intervals they want the gift sent.
  • Purchase the wine: The last step of purchasing the wine will involve choosing the mode of payment for the gift subscription, whether prepaid or postpaid. Determining who will pay for the shipment and other related costs are also done in this phase. Once the purchase is made, the wine is packaged and delivered.

Why Dry Farm Wines?

At Dry Farm wines, we ensure you get value for your wine subscription or membership by having access to high-quality wines that have been tried and tested to match quality standards. 

Less than 0.01% of the world’s wine meets our standards of purity and quality, which include wines with low alcohol content, sugar-free, organic, free from industrial/chemical additives, and having low concentrations of sulfites. Our standards ensure you get the best wine for your gift recipients. Dry Farm Wines values its customers and your subscription is a call for us to personalize your wine needs. Our deliveries are timely and convenient ensuring you and your loved ones can enjoy quality wines year round. 

Considering a wine subscription or membership? Join our wine club for exclusive and limited services picked for our members. Sign up today for the Dry Farm Wines wine membership or  gifting a membership to your loved ones.

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