Keto Friendly Red Wine

Is Red Wine Keto Friendly?

When setting your mind on living a healthier lifestyle the most natural place to start is your diet.  Everyone is looking to optimize their lives with the right products, ingredients and lifestyle. Specific dietary changes such as paleo and keto diets have taken health culture by storm. 

The keto diet seems to have drastically become the go-to diet for many who are looking to shift into a healthier lifestyle. With approximately 5.5 million or 6% of Americans on a keto diet it is considered one of the most popular diets in America. When integrating the keto diet into a wine enthusiast's life a million tiny constraints are placed on the kinds of beverages you can enjoy. The following questions will help smooth out your concerns about taking on the keto diet as a wine lover. 

  • Is wine keto friendly? 
  • Is red wine keto friendly?
  • Is white wine keto friendly? 
  • How much wine can I drink on the keto diet?
  • What are the best keto friendly red wines?

Is Wine Keto Friendly?

Over the years, wine was never considered keto friendly. People moved away from consuming wine with the old and traditional beliefs that wine is an alcoholic drink that contains huge amounts of carbohydrates. 

However, studies have established that there are some keto friendly wines, particularly dry wines, that are fall within the diets constraints. A glass of Natural Wine may have between 1-4 grams of carbohydrates, which is generally below the keto diets daily carb requirement. That being said many wines teeter just beyond the acceptable range for carbohydrates within the confines of a keto diet. 

Is All Red Wine Keto Friendly?

Red wine is considered the most popular color of wine with 65% of consumers preferring red wine over white or rosé. With so many people switching to the keto diet, it's essential to understand what makes some red wine keto friendly and others not so much. 

The following factors must be met in order to fit a red wine into your keto friendly diet:

Low Residual Sugar
Sugar is one of the complex carbohydrates you're actively trying to cut from your diet when on keto. If red wine is left to ferment fully, converting it into a drier wine that is very low on residual sugar, it translates to fewer carbs. Therefore, drier red wines that have been left to ferment for a lengthy period are considered keto friendly. 
    Low Alcohol Content
    Your body prioritizes alcohol during metabolism. Body mechanisms want to break it down immediately and remove it from the body. Red wine that is low in alcohol content will limit the time your body prioritizes breaking down the substance. 

      Is White Wine Keto Friendly?

      The principles of keto friendly wines are the same for white wines as they are for red. Low alcohol content and low residual sugar are the two main factors in finding keto friendly white and red wines. The common challenge with white wines is that they are usually sweeter than red wines making it hard to meet the challenge of low residual sugar. 

      How Much Wine Can You Drink on Keto?

      There's nothing wrong with drinking the right kind of red or white wine when on a keto diet. It has been consistently established that certain dry wines with low sugar and alcohol content are very keto friendly. However, even keto friendly wines should be enjoyed in moderation. 

      How many glasses of dry wine you are able to consume depends on how many carbohydrates you are limiting yourself to during your keto journey. This is where low-alcohol and low carbohydrate wine comes in handy. It’s recommended to keep alcohol consumption below 24 grams of alcohol each day, which is roughly two 5 oz glasses of wine.

      If you’re drinking low-carb, low-alcohol wine, however, you may be able to have that extra glass without blowing your carb count or your alcohol levels. 

      What are the Best Keto Friendly Red Wines?

      It’s important to highlight that Dry Farm Wines as a company adheres to very strict standards of testing. Every wine in our wine boxes is considered keto friendly. Here are some of our current favorites to get you started  with keto friendly red wine options:

      • 2020 Damien Marres Cotes du Rhone: Mineral expressed on the nose that immediately brings freshness to this more high toned & ripe red wine.
      • 2020 Angelo Negro Unfiltered Rosso: A vibrant nose of herbs and fresh-picked summer berries is reflected by a similar lively palate - enjoy with a chill!
      • 2019 Cecilia Zucca Barbera: Deep notes of cherry and plum, along with a whiff of earth waft in the glass, the palate is intense with the same fruits, baking spices, and food-friendly tannins and acidity.
      • 2020 Domaine Courbissac Petite Montagne Rouge: A nose marked by high-toned fruit notes and herbs moves to a deeper, darker palate with some coffee and cocoa notes, along with brooding dark fruits.
      • 2020 Domaine de la Rochette Cote Roannaise: Vibrant dark fruits on the nose with a remarkable sense of sweetness transition to a juicy palate, with fabulous balance between acid, tannin, and fruit - a classy Gamay.

        Choosing Dry Farm Wines

        At Dry Farm Wines, we understand that our customers are curious if our red wines are keto friendly. Thanks to our rigorous lab testing and grower vetting process we can promise that all Dry Farm Wines are keto friendly. 

        Wine companies are not required to report additives they use, how they farm, or even the accurate alcohol content on the label. So Dry Farm Wines vets every wine and grower to ensure they meet our strict guidelines. Our lab testing process ensures that all of the wines in your box meet our criteria. 

        • Sugar Free
        • Lower Alcohol
        • Lower Sulfites
        • Organically Farmed
        • No Industrial Additives

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