Conventional wisdom says not to judge a book by its cover. That goes both ways in the culinary world: sometimes, just because a dish is beautifully presented, doesn’t mean it will be tasty. Thankfully, we’ve found a place where the flavors – salty, umami, decadent – exceed the artful presentation of it all.

We introduce you to MILA, a jungle-inspired, Mediterranean Asian, vibrant Miami restaurant where you’ll fall in love with everything - book and cover.

Mila Signage

MILA is breathtaking from the moment you’re first greeted with the expansive patio. The décor is  a carefully-arranged mélange of imperfect, natural materials like recovered wood, married with contemporary artistic creations in an evocation of wabi-sabi (admirably, these artists have a special section on the restaurant’s website). As the night goes on, the music thumps, and it gives the unmistakable feeling that something is about to happen. 


Mila Food

All of this is to say that the hospitality team behind MILA are clearly studied in the art of coaxing out the most glamorous side of its diners, and it feels like an occasion in its own right to simply enjoy a glass of wine in the lounge there. Attendees are invited to be gala-ready before joining for an evening, and they certainly oblige.


Mila Wine

The food is dressed up too, with a bespoke plate or cedar box or shell-shaped ceramic designed for nearly every dish, along with a visually stunning garniture afforded to each. But, you must be asking by now, is it delicious?

Yes, simply yes. 

The dishes here are clearly the work of a masterful culinary team, and are well-trained in the steps of the delicate dance of “fusion” cuisine. Michael Michaelidis, the executive chef, grew up in the South of France with a strong Greek influence in his life, and he has claimed himself that no one could know the “cuisine du soleil,” better. As he cut his teeth at the esteemed Joël Robuchon group, he left to steward several of their restaurants in Asia.

Eating at Mila

In his time between Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the restaurants under his stead earned seven Michelin stars, where he earned a coveted three-star rating at Robuchon’s eponymous Singapore outpost. 

The MILA menu is about as sprawling and ambitious as the space itself, with a full Omakase experience available beside wagyu beef-filled dumplings, crispy whole cauliflower, and two-and-three pound steaks, along with a few dozen other sides and small plates inflected by these two culinary poles. Salads are fresh, sauces are simple, and everything has a perfect amount of salt. 

Between the tableside flambéed and hand-filleted  whole fish, and the dry ice-laden cocktail bar, the fireworks here aren’t limited to the fire-flinging dancers that occupy the center of the restaurant, either. We’re grateful for the chance to dine at this wonderful restaurant!

Mila Dish 

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