Where to Buy Natural Wines Online?

Where to Buy Natural Wines Online?

People are continuing to become increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies. We are learning about dyes, additives, and other chemicals that are used to produce or process food. Some of these processes and additives have harmful effects, and others are banned entirely in other countries.

Organic movements are everywhere in the food industry, and the trend has carried over into beverages as well. There is a small but growing movement called “Natural Wines.” They are difficult to find in most stores and restaurants, but where can you order Natural Wines online?

What Are Natural Wines?

Natural Wine doesn't have a legal definition and is known by many names, including raw wine, naked wine, and low-intervention wine. While all names generally mean the same thing, Natural Wine is the most common term. The general explanation for what makes a wine a Natural Wine is that it is produced as naturally as possible, from growing the grapes organically to letting them ferment naturally. There is as little human and machine involvement as possible. 

General Natural Wine Characteristics

Although not all Natural Wines are the same, there are some common characteristics. 

  • No pesticides or herbicides are used when growing the grapes.
  • The grapes are hand-picked without machine assistance.
  • Fermentation happens through native, wild yeast found naturally around grape vines and on the grapes themselves (other wines are made with lab made yeast)
  • Nothing added or removed during the winemaking process.
  • No or few added sulfites.

While these are general Natural Wine characteristics, different winemakers have different standards. There are also a lot of Natural Wine imposters, so finding a quality Natural Wine is difficult.

History of Natural Wine

Although Natural Wine might seem like a new concept, it is not modern. Natural fermentation is the way wine has been made for centuries. The modern Natural Wine movement can be traced back to the mid-twentieth century in rural France. The chemist and winemaker Jules Chauvet inspired four people to begin the production of wine using as natural a process as possible. 

From France, the Natural Wine movement spread throughout Europe and eventually the globe. As Natural Wine's popularity rises, so does the number of bottles produced. But, Dry Farm Wines estimates they still make up less than 1% of all wines made in the world. Of course, just as conventional wine is not all of the same quality, neither are Natural Wines. 

Where to Find Quality Natural Wines

There are many reasons people turn to Natural Wines. The reasons range from watching what they put in their bodies to supporting the environment. Unfortunately, Natural Wine is not an official wine category yet and therefore is not regulated. 

Organic and Biodynamic wines are classified and regulated. That means third-party verification lets consumers know which wines are legitimately organic or biodynamic, and the classification is listed on the wine's label. 

Since Natural Wine lacks regulation, consumers need to research legitimate sources. One of the best ways to find quality Natural Wines is by traveling to Europe and visiting the wineries that produce them. You can see the process for yourself, from planting to bottling. When you visit the location making the wine, it is easier to verify the product's legitimacy. The downside of only trying Natural Wines from wineries is that it limits the amount you can try, and you are geographically limited to wineries in the area you live or visit. 

Finding Natural Wine Online

Although Natural Wine's production technique isn't modern, the options to buy it are. Consumers aren't limited to buying Natural Wines strictly locally. Instead, there are Natural Wines from all over the world available online. The internet allows winos to try Natural Wines from France, Spain, Chile, and so on. 

The variety of Natural Wine online is lovely, but it does come with a downside. Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to determine legitimate, quality Natural Wines online. 

If you choose to buy Natural Wine online, it is essential to research the source. This can be done by finding sources with specific criteria or certifications on what wines they source. Then, it would be helpful to do some research on multiple sources to compare prices, shipping services, and other aspects.  Of course, the process can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is an easier way to discover quality Natural Wines sure to please your palette.

Natural Wine Membership Services

While you can research and buy Natural Wines individually, there is a better way. Memberships catering to Natural Wines exist to help people vet wineries. When using a reputable Natural Wine membership service, you can sample legitimate, quality wines from all over the world without the stress of researching the individual sources. 

Membership services also allow you to stay at home and have wine delivered on your schedule to your door. You no longer have to run out to the store to buy a bottle or stand in aisles blindly choosing a varietal. 

Choosing Dry Farm Wines

There are a lot of options for wine delivery services, but not all are the same niche or quality. Dry Farm Wines has set itself apart from the competition by providing quality Natural Wines from around the world. 

The team at Dry Farm Wines is dedicated to bringing quality, pure Natural Wines to wine-lovers everywhere. To do so, they have developed their own pure Natural Wine certification. They carefully pick wines from small farmers with the following characteristics:

  • Dry Farming: All the vineyards sourced by Dry Farm Wines grow their vines without using irrigation. This provides healthier fruit for delicious wines. 
  • Handmade Wine: The wines customers receive from Dry Farm Wines come from a pool of over 600 farmers. These are small, family growers that avoid machinery. 
  • Low Alcohol Content: All the wines received by Dry Farm Wines are 12.5% Alc/Vol or lower. This is so everyone can enjoy the unique experience of wine without everything that comes with high-alcohol consumption. 
  • Sugar Free: Wine that is fully fermented naturally has little or no sugar due to the yeast eating the sugar. Dry Farm Wines contain under one gram per liter of sugar. 

To ensure all these standards are adhered to, Dry Farm Wines independently lab tests the wines they choose to source. They also offer variety boxes so people can try new flavors and varietals. Then, their personalized concierge service will help them develop their tastes. It is time to become a wine club member! Join a community of wine enthusiasts at Dry Farm Wines today by choosing our wine membership.

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