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Our Monthly Membership


by Sara Mote July 28, 2015

Sara Mote
Sara Mote


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Wine by Nature’s Design

by Sara Mote July 28, 2015

In the vineyard and the cellar, we look for wines designed in nature’s logic.

When a wine is alive and free from overreaching modern influence, the wine will whisper in nature’s perfect logic and design.

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Friends of the Farm

by Sara Mote July 23, 2015


— We will be ridiculously dedicated to our friendship.

— You can cancel your membership at any time, for any reason by email, text, fax or pigeon...We will simply say thank you. Even if you have received a shipment and you don’t want it, return it for a full refund and we will even pay the shipping back to us. 

— If you ever get a bottle of wine from us you don’t enjoy, return the empty bottle to us (yes! you can drink the wine), and we will issue you a refund and we will even pay the shipping back to us.

— No surprises, we will always notify you via email, 10 days before your monthly shipment is sent. If for any reason, you want to cancel or skip a shipment, you just reply back to us; easy, done.

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