Geraud Fromon

The Winemaker
Geraud Fromont founded Domaine des Marnes Blanches in 2006.
Certified organic; Ecocert.

The Grape
Trousseau is one of 5 grapes allowed in the Jura appellation, but covers only 5% of Jura vineyards.

The Appellation
The Cotes du Jura Appellation
 is the largest Jura Appellation with 1,536 acres under vine. AOC 1937

DFW Speak
We love wines that intrigue.
Wozie, this was an amazing discovery, and the Trousseau grape is only planted in 5% of Jura, making it quite rare. This beautiful crafted and integrated wine makes our short short list this year. We bought the last case on the West Coast.


Alcohol: 12.22%
Sugars .1 g/L
Sulfites 3 ppm

Domaine: Marnes Blanc
Country: France 
Region: Franche-Comté
Appellation: Jura
Producer: Geraud Fromont
Founded: 2006
Annual Production: 250 cases
Wine: Trousseau
Grape/Blend: Trousseau
Vine Age: 25 Years
Farming: Organic
Soil: Marls/ Limestones
Vineyard Area: 7 acres
Filtration: minimal
SO2: Minimal 

Vintner Notes
Direct press an fermented on indigenous yeasts. Aged 9-12 months in neutral oak vats or stainless. Certified organic. 
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