Jeremy Quastana

The Winemaker
Jeremy Quastana is just in his fourth vintage. He has studied widely with leading pioneers in the natural movement including Marcel Lapierre.
The Grape

Gamay first originated in the village of Gamay, south of Beaune in 1365, After being outlawed in 1395 by the Duke, it was found to flourish in the Loire Valley.


The Appellation
Jeremy has not applied for AOC recognition, like many natural winemakers, he knows well the challenge of commission rules. Touraine Appellation AOC 1939

DFW Speak
We love wines that intrigue.
Jeremy is the kind of story we love, and this L’Insurge “the rebel” is the kind of wine we love to drink. Natural, whole, real and alive! 50 year old vines and 10% alcohol, no filter, no added sulfur. We like this rebel. Cherries, strawberry and hints of dried herb and smoked strawberry on the nose, it flows like water. We drink it with anything or just because we can.
Alcohol: 10.1%
Sugars .2 g/L
Sulfites 10 ppm

Domaine: Quastana
Country: France 
Region: Loire
Appellation: Touraine
Producer: Jememy Quastan
Founded: 2010
Annual Production: 250 cases
Wine: Gamay
Grape/Blend: Gamay
Vine Age: 50 Years
Farming: Organic
Soil: Sand/Clay/Flintstone
Vineyard Area: 5 acres
Filtration: unfiltered
SO2: none added


Vintner Notes

Whole cluster carbonic maceration fermented on indigenous yeasts. Aged in neutral oak barrels.

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