Dieter Sölva

The Winemaker
Dieter Sölva , a winemaker from the tiny 
village of St. Nikolaus. He and his wife Johanna founded Weingut Niklas in 1992.

The Grape
Schiava is also known as Vernatsch or Trollinger in Germany, where it is widely grown in Württemberg region. A thin skin grape has been farmed in the Alto Adige region since at least the 13th century

The Region
Although 60% of the wine made in Alto Adige is white, Schiava is the top grown wine in the region, covering 18% of vines. The altitude here produces extraordinary sheer wines.

DFW Speak
We love wines that intrigue.
We fell in love with this wine immediately, it is so consistent with our style; super sheer, pale and terrific back bone of minerals.  The grape communicates much like a pinot.  This wine is very special and amazingly long finish for such a light profile.

Alcohol: 12.45%
Sugars .9 g/L
Sulfites 68 ppm

Domaine: Weingut Niklas
Country: Italy
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Appellation: Alto Adige
Producer: Dieter Solva
Founded: 1992
Annual Production:
Wine: Schiava
Grape/Blend: Schiava
Vine Age:
Farming: Organic
Soil: Loamy/ Crushed limestone
Vineyard Area: 12 acres
Filtration: minimal
SO2: Minimal 


Vintner Notes
Direct press and fermented on indigenous yeasts. Aged stainless.
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