Emile Heredia

The Winemaker
Emile Heredia founded his Domaine in 1999 and has been organically farming form the beginning and even plows by horse.


The Grape
Pineau d’ Aunis has been farmed in the Loire Valley since the 12th Century. The grape is also known as Chenin Nior. AOC 1981


The Appellation
The appellation is 340 acres. Grapes grown here: cabernet franc , pinot poir , gamay , pineau d'Aunis , chenin blanc and chardonnay. AOC 2001


DFW Speak

We love wines that intrigue.
When we sat down with the importer to taste this wine-my remark, we wow…and I said to him referencing the half bottle we were tasting from; I could just drink the rest of that right now. Totally natural, clean and elegantly integrated. One of my wines of the year. We bought the last 17 bottles in California.

Alcohol: 11.43%
Sugars .2 g/L
Sulfites 33 ppm

Domaine: Montrieux
Country: French
Region: Loire
Appellation: Coteaux-du-vendômois
Producer: Emile Heredia
Founded: 1999
Annual Production:
Wine: Montrieux
Grape/Blend: Pineau d’ Aunis
Vine Age: 50 years
Farming: Organic
Soil: Clay/ limestone/Flint
Vineyard Area: 17 acres
Filtration: None
SO2: None added 


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