5 Best Low Sugar Red Wines

5 Best Low Sugar Red Wines

If you believe that all wine contains high amounts of sugar, it’s time to reevaluate what you know about wine. Not all wines come packed full of sugar, especially when applying natural farming and winemaking methods.

In reality, you can stick to your nutritional or lifestyle goals by choosing a red wine variety that is natural and contains little sugar. However, picking which one to drink is the tricky part. 

What is Low-Sugar Wine?

If you have been looking for a wine alternative, then you have definitely seen low-sugar wines online and on shelves. These are going to be wines that have lower sugar content and Natural Wines that do not have any added sulfites.

Low-sugar wines are great alternatives to regular red wine. It usually has less than 15 grams of sugar per 250 ml, which is the equivalent of one glass of regular red wine. Natural Wines come with minimal or zero human intervention and are often fermented in steel barrels and bottled without filtering or fining agents.

Here are Some of Our Best Low-Sugar Red Wines

If you are looking to cut down on sugar consumption, consider buying your Natural Wines online or signing up for a low sugar wine membership. In the meantime, here are some of the wine’s we’ve included in our Classic Red Wine Membership

1. 2020 Damien Marres Cotes du Rhone

The 2020 Damien Marres Cotes du Rhone comes from one of the oldest estates in France's Rhone region, located just outside one of the country's most famous wine villages, Gigondas. The wine is a consistent classic.

Damien Marres, the owner, is already turning his entire estate to organic production because he thinks the vines ought to be handled as little as possible. Damien's vineyards profit from the finest terroir, featuring great natural drainage with maximum sun exposure, fostering rich flavor retention in the wines. They are located high on the slopes of the La Grande Belane in Côtes du Rhône Village region.

Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan grapes are the most commonly grown grape varietals; they produce fruity, approachable wines that are subtle and full-bodied. This makes any of them an excellent addition to your Sunday roast.

The natural low-sugar red wine also boasts plenty of rustic regional character, aromas of black fruit, very natural unforced quality, spice notes, and subtle minerality that finishes dry with hints of oak aging. Its natural taste makes it a splendid choice for those looking to cut back on their caloric intake. 

2. 2020 Angelo Negro Unfiltered Rosso

The Angelo Negro Unfiltered Rosso is a medium-bodied wine with a clean, dry, and fruity flavor that is enhanced by its low sugar content. This wine is from 100% Brachetto grapes grown in Piedmont. Its makers harvest the grapes when they are at their peak, then press them immediately to preserve their natural acidity and terroir. They age the wine for only three to four months before bottling to allow for maximum extraction of flavors and aromas from the grape skins, seeds, and stems.

The Angelo Negro Unfiltered Rosso has an alcohol content of 12.5%, which makes it a brilliant choice for those who want to enjoy red wine, but do not want additional calories or sugar in their glass. This Italian red wine is also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and kosher certified.

You can enjoy this wine as an accompaniment with any meal or snack; however, it pairs especially well with spicy foods such as grilled chorizo.

3. 2019 Cecilia Zucca Barbera

The Cecilia Zucca Barbera is a choice for people who want to shift to low-sugar wines, but still want to enjoy a glass to escort their meal. It is a Natural Wine that helps to reduce your sugar intake while still reserving its amazing taste.

Cecilia Zucca Barbera comes from Langhe, Piedmont, a region well known not only for its Barolo and Barbaresco wines, but also some other delicious red wines that are more affordable, yet still unforgettable. 

Dark cherries and currants dominate the nose of this wine, with hints of vanilla and spice. On the palate, there are ripe red fruits with a hint of acidity to balance out the flavor profile that make them perfect for casual meals with family or friends. When looking for something different, Cecilia Zucca's Barbera is worth a try.

4. 2020 Domaine Courbissac Petite Montagne Rouge

The Domaine Courbissac Petite Montagne Rouge is another excellent example of a lesser-known French wine that will delight your palate without exhausting your wallet. On offer from the 2020 vintage of Domaine Courbissac Petite Montagne Rouge, this red wine is a blend of Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre, and Syrah grapes grown in the vineyards of the Languedoc region of France. The wine has a nice ruby color with aromas of black cherry and raspberry fruit flavors with a strong tannin structure.

The Domaine Courbissac Petite Montagne Rouge is a fruit forward wine made from the best grapes. Its vintners harvest the grapes in the autumn, after which they immediately press and ferment them in steel tanks. This allows for the preservation of the freshness of the fruit.

The wine has a fine aroma, pleasant taste, very few tannins, and a medium alcohol content of 12 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). It is also ideal for people who want to drink low-sugar wine without sacrificing on quality or enjoyment.

5. 2020 Domaine de la Rochette Côte Roannaise

The Domaine de la Rochette Côte Roannaise is one of the most unique and interesting wines you can buy. It is a wonderful red wine with a bit of earth and is 100% Gamay St. Romain, a grape that's hard to find in good bottles. The winemaker's goal was to produce a wine that would be perfect for drinking now, but also have enough character to age well.

Domaine de la Rochette Cote Roannaise is natural with very low sugar levels, making it perfect for people who want to avoid sugar in their diet or those with diabetes. The flavors are subtle but definitely present: cherry, blackberry, and black pepper. It also doesn’t contain any added colorings or sulfites and zero preservatives. Furthermore, it is certified as organic by Ecocert France, so the vineyard uses no pesticides on its grapes or soil (or any part of it).


Consider a Low Sugar Red Wine Membership 

While you can research and buy the best low sugar red wines individually, there is a better way. Memberships catering to low sugar wine exist to help people vet wineries. When participating in a low sugar wine club, you can sample legitimate, quality wines from all over the world without the stress of researching the individual sources. 

Membership services also allow you to stay at home and have wine delivered on your schedule to your door. You no longer have to run out to the store to buy a bottle or stand in aisles trying to choose a varietal. 

Become a Dry Farm Wines Member

Just like you, we care about what we put in our bodies. That's why we founded Dry Farm Wines - a completely different approach to wine. Switch to organic wines that are naturally sugar-free and lower in alcohol (less than 12.5% ABV).

Many other wines position themselves as natural, but less than 0.01% of wines meet our strict criteria. We vet every grower, taste every wine, and ensure every wine is lab-tested. 

We take the guesswork out of choosing wine by conveniently curating pure, small-quantity wines and delivering them to your doorstep on a schedule that’s right for you.

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